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Part 7: Vault

kjetting posted:

Questions for John:

1.Everyone knows that the name "Daikatana" is from a D&D campaign that you DMed at id software, but how much else of the game originated from that session?

2.Why are the teleports in this game swastika shaped?

3.What's your favourite color?

4.You have received a lot of mockery for naming your token black character "Superfly Johnson". Why did you go for that name instead of something more neutral like "Awesome Penis"?

1. That session was DMed by that cocksucking faggot Carmack. My sword was easily the best thing in it. In fact, everything I did at iD was always ten times better than anything Carmack did. Did I ever tell you about the time when Carmack said to me-

Let's move on.

2. Because it represents the deep heritage of the country I've come to know as home. "By means of the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, Romania recovered Bessarabia and northern Bukovina from the Soviet Russia, under the leadership of general Ion Antonescu. The Antonescu regime played a role in the Holocaust, following to a lesser extent the Nazi policy of oppression and massacre of the Jews, and Romas, primarily in the Eastern territories Romania recovered or occupied from the Soviet Union (Transnistria) and in Moldavia."

While that's incredibly evil, it's still impressive that you know that much about Romania.

3. I'm sure people are going to say it's green. Har har har, not funny. I've heard that so many times that it's not even original anymore.

So what IS your favorite color?

It's lime.


4. Interesting story behind that. Me and Tom were trying to see the most offensive name for a black person that we could get past the censors. I had just recently watched a 70s blacksploitation movie, and that name had stuck in my head. Tom and I agreed that it probably couldn't get much worse than that without calling him "Nigger McGee" (which was on the table), so that's what we went with.

Nigger McGee?

True story.

Tasian posted:

Hey Mr. Romero, I'm a fan of your... um... anyway, here's my question:

If you had more development time, would you have included more jokes about eating people or more racial stereotypes? (I know, I know, those 3 years zipped right on by)

Well, you see, I had already worked with all of the Japanese themes I knew, so I had to dig back deep to get the inspiration for the rest of the games. The character of Superfly Johnson was based around the character of Barrett from Final Fantasy 7, while the eating people jokes were funny because of YOUR MOM! Hahahahahaha, fuck you!

Quite the burn there, John.


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