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Part 8: Suspicious' Vault Run

Suspicious posted:

Ladies and gents, I present to you: suffering.

Vault (Suspicious' run) (Google)

It's 49 minutes long and I play like shit. I make no excuses, but I make no apologies either.

This is, by far, the funniest video we've posted to date.

I think it sucks.

Of course you do. Suspicious basically exposes your pride and joy in Superfly and Mikiko's "artificial intelligence" for the buggy piece of shit sham that it is.

No, he's just an unfunny dick.

Sure it is, John. Are you sure it's not because he said he hates you in the game description?

He says he hates you too.

Yeah, but everyone hates me. I've accepted that fact. You still think people like you.

Because they do.

If by "like" you mean "enjoy having you around because no matter how bad someone's game is, at least they can say 'at least it's not Daikatana'"?

Hey! At least it's not Duke Nukem Forever.

Fair enough.

(Watch this video. Yes, you've already seen the Vault, but you haven't seen it like this, so fuck you, watch it again. Seriously, I was laughing my ass off during the whole thing. I think the best part of these videos, personally, is the honest-to-God reaction people have while playing this game, and this video does not disappoint. Suspicious does a really great job showing why you should never ever play single player ever.)

Edit: And technically, I think I was actually taking a nap while he was recording that.