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Part 9: Lemnos Isle

This LP is making people buy Daikatana.

Of course. People don't realize my true genius until they see it.

I don't think that's why they're buying it. I think they're buying it because of how amazingly broken it is.

Whatever, money in my pocket.

Actually, that's not true either. I'm pretty sure Eidos sold the rights to the game to Gametap, meaning you're going to see nothing from this.

Except the satisfaction of a job well done.

Job well done? Where exactly? Deus Ex?

I told you not to bring that up again.

Suck it down, John.



How's fucking your ugly wife working for you, Warren? Did you see my hot Romanian wife? Because I got pictures.

John, I didn't even know you were around. I figured you committed suicide after not being able to even develop games for the N-Gage properly.

Shouldn't you be off shoehorning yourself into more of your own games to stroke your massive ego?

Shouldn't you be off stroking your massive ego despite having nothing since Doom to justify it?

So what was that clusterfuck known as Martian Dreams all about anyway? It made no sense, but then again, neither do any of your other games.

While that may be true, at least my games didn't involve you being required to clip through the walls to beat them.

I will cut you, motherfucker.

Bring it on, bitch.

OK, as entertaining as this is, we need to move onto the update.

Only pussies need a knife. You sure you don't want to take your nerd glasses off before we do this?

I figure any weapon you bring would probably hurt yourself more than it would me. Are you sure you didn't touch the hot stove one too many times as a kid, John?

Lemnos Isle Intro (Google)
Lemnos Isle (Google)
Lemnos Isle Outro (Google)


(I actually start to have some fun playing this game, so for those of you looking for me to be miserable, you're going to be out of luck. However, for those of you looking to watch me make other peoples' lives miserable, the next few videos will be for you.)