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Part 7: Super High-school Level Update #5

If you only listen to one BGM track in this game, listen to this one.

Eh...? A teddy bear...?
Hey, I’m not a toy!
I’m Monobear!
I’m your... I mean this school’s... headmaster, see!!

His name in Monokuma in Japanese, where the word for bear is kuma. His original name is also a little pun, since the word monochrome is pronounced “monokuroomu” and shares kuma’s ku.

Whatever it was that was happening right before my eyes was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.
And at the center of it all was... that inexplicable thing.

Nice to meet you all!!

A light voice speaking in an easygoing manner that’s so out of place for a school...
The discomfort that I was still submerged in quickly turned into bottomless fear.

Uwaaaaa! That toy just talked!!!

Calm down! It probably has a speaker installed somewhere...!

Didn’t you hear me? I’m not a toy...

I’m monobear! Furthermore, your headmaster!

Uwaaaa! It moved!!!

Just calm down already, will you? There’s someone moving it by remote control...

Hey, don’t make it sound like I’m some kind of a controlled children toys. You’ll sink my feelings deeper than the Mariana Trench...

There’s a control system inside me that can make NASA green with envy...

So I can’t bear letting you say such dream-destroying hurtful things!!

“Bear”? Hasn’t that been done to death already?

In the original Japanese, what Celes complains about is a -kuma verbal tick habit Monobear tried to start here.

Well, we should be moving on. Let’s begin the proceedings, shall we?

And now he’s breaking character...

Please quiet down... Ehh-- well, well.

It appears he gave up.

Stand! Bow! Good morning, you bastards!

Standing and bowing is the regular Japanese ritual when a teacher enters the class. Usually, there's a rotating assigned student shouting the commands.

Good morning!

You... don’t have to reply...

Well then. I’d like to begin an opening ceremony you'll remember for life!
To start, I have a short statement regarding you bastards’ school life from this moment on...
Eh-- You bastards are most certainly all geniuses filled with overflowing talent. You bring hope to the world!
In order to preserve and guard that hope...

You will live a communal lifestyle entirely inside this school’s walls from now on!
I hope everyone respects each other and keeps order!

Eh-- in addition... regarding the extent of this communal lifestyle...
It’s going to be forever!!
In other words, you are going to live here your entire lives! That is the school life we are assigning to you bastards!

What did it just say? Live here forever?

Ah, there’s nothing to worry about. We have plenty of budget. You bastards won’t lack anything, I promise!

T...that’s not why we’re worried...!

We just don’t get what you mean by living here forever...
It’s just a joke, right?

I am most certainly not a liar! I have great pride in that!
Ah, I should also let you know: you will be completely shut out from the outside world!
So you shouldn’t be worried anymore about what’s going on in this rotten world we all live in!
Shut out...?

So the steel plates in the classrooms and corridors...
They’re there to... keep us in?

That’s right.
It doesn’t matter how much you shout. No help is coming.
Therefore, you should just make the most out of your life inside the school!

Er, what is this?
What you’re saying, it’s nothing but a huge joke, right? fucker... don’t overdo it... if the joke doesn’t stop right now, I will...

You keep calling it a joke or a lie. It seems you’re still very much doubting me.

But I guess it’s just natural. We’re living in an age where you can’t survive if you trust your neighbours, after all.
In any case, I will let you confirm for yourselves whether my words are true or not.
When you do that, you’ll soon understand that my words are always one hundred percent factual!

It’s a little... troubling for us. Spending the rest of our lives in this scool...

Oh? You’re a weird bunch, aren’t you.
After all, didn’t you all come to this school out on your own volition?
Don’t go on saying you want to go back in the middle of the opening ceremony...
That said...
To be frank, it’s not impossible. There is a way to get out of here...

T...there is?

As this school’s headmaster, I’ve made a special rule for people who want to leave the school!
It’s a rule called “graduation”!

I’m sure you all want to hear all about it, so let me explain in detail.
As students of this academy, you’re obliged to live your communal lifestyle in an orderly fashion...
But in case someone breaks the order, that person alone can leave the school grounds.
That is the rule called “graduation”!

What exactly do you mean by “breaking order”?
Upupu... that is...

“Upupu” (pronounced "oo-poo-poo") is Monobear’s branded mischievous laugh. It looks better written in Japanese.

The act of killing another person.

Beatingstabbingclubbingbeheadingburningsuffocatingstranglingslaughteringvoodoocursing... The method doesn’t matter.
“Only a student who kills someone can leave”. It’s a very simple rule.
The most evil of actions leads to the best of outcomes. I hope you all cooperate.

Intolerable fear...
The moment I heard the words “Only a student who kills someone can leave” a violent chill ran from my feet through my back all the way to the top of my head.

Upupu... This heart-thumping feeling of distress... It’s just as if salmon suddenlt started assaulting people...
Like I said before, you bastards are often called “the world’s hope”.
Making such “hope”-filled kids kill each other -- such a “despair”-filled situation --

My heart is all a-thump with excitement!

W...what did it say!? Kill each other? What the fuck...?
Killing each other is killing each other. If you need a dictionary I have one right here.

We understand the meaning of the words! What we want to know is why killing is necessary...!?

That’s right! Stop with the pranks! Let us go home--!


You keep using that word, prank. How many times do I have to repeat myself?
You are really a bunch of thick-headed people.
What’s with all the “let me leave”? I keep and keep and keep telling you...
Don’t you get it? From now on this school is your home and your entire world.

It’s an all-you-can-kill, kill-or-be-killed, killing-killing-killing-all-around world!

Oy, oy. How long are you going to keep this up?
You managed to surprise us already. It’s time to give up the act, ‘right?
I mean, you’ve really given us quite a shock.

I’ve had it. Get the fuck out of my way...

Oowada-kun, who stood in the back row, pushed Hagakure-kun out of his way and rushed towards Monobear cursing with an earth-shattering voice.

You fucker, You better apologize right now! The time for pranks is fucking over!
Prank..? Are you referring to your hairstyle?


Reverberating along with the cry of the alpha-male, there was a sound like something exploded.
It was the sound of Oowada-kun leaping from the floor.
His leaping body was like a bullet, flying through the air in a straight line.
A straight line directly towards his prey.

I got you, you fucker!! I don’t care if you're remote controlled or a stuffed toy...
I’m going to crush you like a fly!!
Kyaa! Violence towards the headmaster is against the rules!!
Shut up! Let us out of here this instant! If you don’t, I will...!



Oy, don’t go silent now...!?


And stop that fucking noise! Say something!


It’s dangerous! Toss it!
Just do it!

Pressured by her words, Oowada-kun did as he was told...
And threw Monobear into the air.
The next moment...!!

T...this isn’t funny... that thing exploded...

My ears were ringing painfully... I was choked from the smell of ashes...
We see explosions all the time in television and movies. But seeing one in real life...
That was my first time, of course.

But since it exploded that stuffed toy is gone now...

Not a toy -- Monobear!!

Aaa! Another one jumped out!

You bastard...! You really tried to kill me before...

Isn’t it natural? Of course I tried to kill you. We can’t have anyone breaking the rules, can we?
I will let it pass as just a warning this time, but you should be more careful from now on.
Bad children who break the rules will be punished, and not with just a spanking!
Hey, how many of you are there here?
Monobears are constructed at a special place inside this very school.
In addition, there are security cameras installed in every room of this school.
Therefore, in case anyone does anything against the rules, they can expect severe bodily punishment!
Upupu... I will not go so easy on you next time, so be careful!

T...this is absurd!
Finally, to commemorate your arrival at this school, I’m giving you all a little present.

It’s a student identification card. Isn’t it cool?
It’s an electronic student ID card, and therefore its name is...
“The Electronic Student ID card”!!

The Electronic Student ID card is necessary for your daily activities. It’s very important, so try not to lose it!!
When you first turn it on please confirm your own real name is displayed on the screen.
It has many uses besides simple identification, though...
By the way, this Electronic Student ID card is completely water-proof. Even if you deep it in a vat of water, It won't be destroyed!
If you try to crush it, it can easily stand a weight of 10 ton!
You will find a full list of the school rules in it, so please read them carefully!
I’ll repeat one more time: breaking the school rules is forbidden!
Rules are what bind us together as a society. Without rules, how can mankind live peacefully?

That is why severe punishment is necessary for offenders!
Well then, with that our school’s opening ceremony is complete!!
Please enjoy our quiet gruesome school life! See you later!

And then, Monobear disappeared, leaving us standing there in blank amazement.

H...hey, everyone... How would you define what happened here now?

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here... here forever? K...kill...?

What the hell...? What’s going on!?

Everyone, keep calm.
For the time being, let’s go once more over what we know.
According to what this Monobear said, we are presented we two options.
The first, live a peaceful communal life inside this school with no time limit.
And the second...

In order to get out of here, “kill one of our friends”, was it?

K...killing... there’s no way...

To be suddenly abducted and locked down in a place that looks like a school...
And on top of that, to be told to kill each other...

...what the hell’s up with that?!

It’s all a lie! Such foolish talk can’t possibly be true...!

The problem isn’t whether it’s a lie or not. The problem is...

...if there’s someone among us who takes it seriously.

Hearing that, we all fell silent again.
Not saying anything, we looked around at each other’s faces.

We gazed around as if trying to search each other’s inner thoughts. There were even traces of hostile feeling in the air.
And then...
I began to understand the true terror of the rules Monobear presented.
“Only a student who kills can leave this place...”
Those words planted the seeds of terrible thoughts at the deepest corners of our minds.
“Who will betray us”. That dark demon called paranoia.

That was how my new school life began.
But the school I entered with such elated feelings...
...wasn’t the “school of hope”.
This place was
“The school of despair”.



Dangan Ronpa OP (Youtube via Polsy)

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