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Part 134: Super High-school Level Update #120

Scroller: After surmounting many deaths, the true mastermind is finally captured. Hope's Peak Academy biggest mystery is now on stage!

Trial 1 (Youtube via Polsy)

This is the final school trial, so special rules apply.
Before we start, let's make those rules clear.

If you correctly identify Mukuro Ikusaba's murderer, and solve this school's mystery on top of that...

You win!

But, if you fail to do any of that...

I win!

There's a special exciting heart-thumping punishment awaiting the loser, of course!

Are you saying that if you lose you're going to execute yourself?

Yes. That's what I'm saying.

...You won't go back on that promise later?

Of course not! I'm a bear of my word!

Um... There's something I want to ask.

You seem more serious than usual. Does your tummy hurt?

Is there... just one culprit?


I... know what's going on.

Everyone standing here is working for the mastermind! You're all trying to trick me, aren't you?!
...Aren't you?! Answer me!!

Phase 1 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Group photograph, Emergency Interviews DVD, Monobear File 5, Reminder of places to explore, The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card

You're all connected to the mastermind, aren't you?!

I have proof, and it's conclusive!!

Hey, that's my line...!

It's you who's trying to deceive me, isn't it?!

I have proof, after all!

Imagine that. If it's proof you want, I have some too.

I have proof everyone here except me has banded together...

H...Huh? What's going on here...?

Is it really true?

Are there three people holding proof?!

All three of them got the idea everyone around is an enemy...

But, that's just Monobear's trap...!
He set it up so we'd suspect each other.

This spinning weak point is a bitch to hit, even when using concentration. It took me 9 tries on the first go. The secret is, of course, going for the middle.

Evidence bullet: Group photograph
Are there three people holding proof?!


Trial 2 (Youtube via Polsy)

It's not just three people. If it's proof you're after, I have one too.

Huh?! You too, Naegi-chi?!

That proof you're talking about... It's this group photograph, isn't it?

Y...Yeah, that's it, but...
...Huh? No, that's not it!!
I mean, I'm in this picture Naegi's holding...

But that's strange! The one I have...

See? Everyone's in it but me!

It's just as I thought. In that case...

Hagakure-kun, you have a photo too, don't you. Can you show it to us?

Sure, but be careful with it. It's my super-important evidence, after all...

This picture is just the same...! It really is as I thought...!

I think I understand what happened... I get the secret behind those photos.

It's not much of a secret, is it!! You're all together in this picture, aren't you?!

Hey, you're in my picture, y'know!

It's all just a trick, isn't it?! You're all trying to deceive me!!

I see... Those pictures' goal is to make us fight like that.

You fell right into the mastermind's trap! He gave every one of us a group photo lacking ourselves, trying to make us think we're being deceived!

Eh...? My trap...?

You're very rude, you know?! Do you have evidence supporting your claims?!

I'm sure it's Monobear's trap... The evidence for that must be...

...The pattern repeating in all three photos.

All of these photos have one thing in common. They are all missing just a single person...

And that person is...

Touko Fukawa / Monobear / The person who got the photo

The person missing in all of these photos is the one received it.

The picture I got from Monobear is missing me.

The picture Asahina-san got doesn't have her in it.

It's the same with Hagakure-kun's picture.

Do you want me to show you my picture as well?

In other words, Monobear gave each and every one of us a picture we don't appear in.

And that made us think everyone else is an enemy...?

Upupu... I guess you caught me.

I thought it would be something like that. You'd never just give us a hint.


But... There's probably more to these pictures than just being a trap...

There's something else that bothers me about them.

What is it...? What's in there...?

U...Um... Can I have another look at everyone's photos?
It has nothing to do with what we just talked about, but... there's something I want to confirm.

Sure, I don't mind.

Go ahead.

I'm sure there's something strange going on in all of these pictures.

I have to concentrate and compare them one more time.

The photo Togami-kun received...

The photo Asahina-san received...

The photo Hakaure-kun received...

And my own photo...


Just as I thought. Something is strange here.


System message posted:

Group photo was updated in your notes.

Naegi-chi, just leave those pictures alone!

It's irritating, 'right?! You thought you could fool me with that silly fake photo of yours...!

And those school uniforms! That's just way too elaborate!

...Huh? "Fake"?

No, no, no. These photos are very real.

W...What are you saying?! That's impossible!

She's right! I don't remember being in any of these photos!

That means they're all fake! There's no question about it!!

But... are they really?


It's just as you said. I also don't remember any of those photos being taken, but...
But... can we really be sure that makes them fake...?

W...What do you mean...?

The fact we can't remember those photos isn't because they're fake...
There's... probably another reason for that.

It's a preposterous reason...

A preposterous, silly reason... But also a scary one...

Phase 2 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ N _ _ _ _


Trial 3 (Youtube via Polsy)

What if the reason is that our memories of them are gone?

I see! We all have amnesia, and that's why we don't remember the photos! In that case, I...

...Could never accept it!! It's way too unrealistic and stinks of being occult!!

H...He's right! Amnesia is just absurd!

It's natural they don't believe it. But...

...Even if we don't want to believe it, we must do so if it's the truth.

If we can't, we'll never get anywhere...!

Phase 3 (Youtube via Polsy)


Evidence bullets: Group photogtaph, Monobear control room, Emergency Interviews DVD, Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Present in the hidden room, Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster, The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card

Everyone here has amnesia...?

When did this become science fiction?!

I don't have amnesia!

I mean, I know when I first woke up in this school...

...And I remember everything that happened after that!

So... about that amnesia...

It never happened! That's crystal clear!!

Even if we don't want to believe it, we must do so if it's the truth.

If we can't, it's the end of us...!

And now the number of evidence bullets increase dramatically. This trial sure raises the difficulty level.

Evidence bullet: Emergency Interviews DVD
...And I remember everything that happened after that!


Trial 4 (Youtube via Polsy)

The photos aren't the only evidence that we all have lost our memories.

There's also this DVD. It supports my theory.

I...Is that... d...dirty stuff...?! I...It is, isn't it?!

...I...It's nothing like that, what's on this DVD is...

...Footage of all of us interviewing with Hope's Peak Academy's headmaster.

W...What do you mean by "all of us"...?

You're also in there, Asahina-san.

That's a lie! I never had any such interview!

It's not a lie, as you'd easily be able to confirm by watching the DVD.

You have also been interviewed by the headmaster.


R...Really? You aren't joking...?

You can't remember any of it, can you.

I...I can't, but...

Is that why I'm supposed to believe in this amnesia thing...?!

We have no evidence that supports a different theory, so we have no choice but to believe it.

How come you're taking this so easily, Togami-chi?! Do you even get what we're talking about?! It's amnesia!!

There's something more important I want to know.

What could be more important...?

Did you say this DVD contains footage of all of us interviewing with the headmaster?

What were those interviews about?

The headmaster asked each and every one of us the same question.
"Do you accept living your entire life in this school?".

W...What kind of a question is that...?!

Well? How did we answer?

We refused, of course!

Everyone... accepted.

Even I did...
I saw myself answering with my own voice... Accepting a lifelong confinement to the school...

W...Why...?! Why did we accept...?!

I have no clue! I don't remember anything!!

But, we are all in the same boat, aren't we? Not one of us remembers any of this...
Not accepting to live at this school... not even the interview itself.

I...It's not about if I remember or not...
All this sudden talk about amnesia and accepting to live at this school...

...It's madness to believe any of that, 'right?!!

It may be madness, but if choose not to believe we will get nowhere. Isn't that right...?

Of course it's right. It's true, after all.