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Part 137: Super High-school Level Update #123

Trial 13 (Youtube via Polsy)

It's Junko Enoshima. She's the one who's still alive. That's the only option that makes sense!


Is that so...?


As you say, if Mukuro Ikusaba is dead, the only possibility that remains is Junko Enoshima.

But, Junko Enoshima was pierced by spears before our very eyes.

If Junko Enoshima it still alive, that makes her death nothing but an act.

But, haven't you confirmed Junko Enoshima's death yourself after it happened?

Now that I think about it...

I touched Enoshima-san’s body lightly...

I tried to act just like they do in the movies, and checked her hand and her neck for a pulse...

She’s really... dead...

There was nothing more and nothing less to it. She was completely and utterly dead.

I did confirm her death back then... Which means...

Enoshima-san died. I'm positive that she really died...

So, does that mean Enoshima-chan is not still alive...?

I was probably... wrong.

Such a quick retraction...?!

Upu... Upupupu...!
How sad! You tried your best and just ended up in this sorry state! Naegi-kun's logic wasn't right after all!!

Ahahaha! How unfortunate!!

That's still to be seen.


Naegi-kun... you haven't given up yet, have you?


O...Of course not! There's no way I'd give up...!

That's a fine spirit you're showing, but how are you going to deal with this problem?
Enoshima was unmistakably dead. Mukuro Ikusaba was also unmistakably dead.

They're both unmistakably dead!? That means none of them is still alive, 'right?!

How about we think about it a different way?

Eh? Different?

If we suppose Junko Enoshima is still alive, how did she manage to survive?

How did Junko Enoshima manage to survive...?

At that time, I checked it thoroughly. She was most certainly dead.

And yet, she's still alive...

Does that mean... the person who was killed wasn't Junko Enoshima...?

Instead of Junko Enoshima, it was someone else...?

But, how did that happen...?

Phase 10 (Youtube via Polsy)


_ _ I _ _ _


I guess I can't get them all perfect.

Trial 14 (Youtube via Polsy)

...I see! What if Junko Enoshima switched with someone else?!


I mean, before she was stabbed by those spears, she switched places with someone else.

...She switched places with Mukuro Ikusaba!

In that case, when the body was reused, it was Mukuro Ikusaba's...

The body's features matched Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, didn't they?

You say they switched, but...

...The person who was killed back then was obviously Enoshima-chi, 'right?

A...Also, when did she have time to switch...?

D...Did she switch places the moment she was killed, using some kind of Ninja trick...?

They're right... You say they switched, but there was no way for them to do it...

So... I guess that's also wrong, after all.

No, there was a way.

There's a way that solves every problem. They way they could do it was...

They were switched from the very beginning / They switched after death / They switched the moment she was killed

Those two... probably switched identities from the very beginning.

Eh...? From the very beginning...?

Form the very first time we met her.
When she died, if they had already switched places...

There was no need for any more switches, was there?

I mean, the person who was killed was already Mukuro Ikusaba.

W...Wait...! If that's what happened, then the Enoshima-chi we all knew...!

She was really... Mukuro Ikusaba...?

S...S...So...! Are you saying we have all already met Mukuro Ikusaba?!

I even spoke to her like she was a normal person!

When we all met, we didn't know each other.

That's why, when Mukuro Ikusaba told us she was Junko Enoshima...

We had no way of knowing she was lying.
That's how they managed to switch identities from the very beginning...

Ah, but didn't Mukuro Ikusaba have a tattoo on the back of her hand?!

Enoshima-chan didn't have any tattoo back then, did she...?

She probably used foundation to conceal it.

It dissolved in the explosion, and the tattoo was exposed.
Speaking of, Mukuro Ikusaba's body had fake nails on...

They were just like the red fake nails Enoshima-san wore.

B...But... if you can hide a tattoo with make-up...

You're right. That means you can't use the lack of a tattoo as proof that someone isn't Mukuro Ikusaba.

We're lucky you didn't notice that hole when we discussed the person who attacked Naegi-kun.

How unfortunate for you, Monobear. It's too late to bring that up as a counterargument now.


So, are you guys serious...?! Everything was set up from the very beginning...?

That was quite an elaborate plan... Getting Mukuro Ikusaba play as Junko Enoshima...


That kind of elaborate plan was possible exactly because it was those two who made it.

Mukuro Ikusaba, "Super High-school Level Despair"... So, whoever made that plan with her...

It means Junko Enoshima is most likely also a member of "Super High-school Level Despair"!


...What's wrong? Have you lost your drive to argue back?

He just got scared!

Scared? What is "scared"...?

Fear is a feeling that requires the existence of hope. I am made solely of despair, so it doesn't apply to me.

In that case, why aren't you speaking?

Because you're all being silly. Me? Junko Enoshima?
Upupu... That doesn't make any sense!

Is that so? In that case, why did you try to hide the real Junko Enoshima's image from us?


...I did?

When did I ever do that?

He's not going to admit it. But...

It's useless trying to deceive me now.
I already know what he did.

He hid Junko Enoshima's image from me. Not once, but twice.

He first did so during the investigation...

Evidence bullet: Emergency Interviews DVD

The DVD with the headmaster interviews. When I watched it in the A/V room...

Suddenly, without warning, the monitor lost power.


It wasn't just the monitor. The entire playback system was off.

The DVD itself also stopped playing, of course.

W...What's going on...?

Oopsie... Seems like we have a power failure.
Huh...? A failure...? Right now?
Power failures are always sudden. You never know when one will hit you.
That's why they're called failures!

You cut off the power deliberately so I couldn't watch the rest of the DVD. You had a reason...

You didn't want me to see the image of the real Junko Enoshima that was on there, didn't you?

I see! There's footage of all of us on that DVD, so there must have been some of Enoshima-chi as well!

And, if Naegi had seen the real Enoshima-chan on there...
He would've figured out that the Enoshima-chan we met was a fake!

T...That's all just a coincidence...!

No, it's not a coincidence. It was all part of the mastermind's plan.
That's not the only time the mastermind tried to hide Junko Enoshima from us.

I'll strike him down hard with the other evidence that proves that!

Phase 11 (Youtube via Polsy)


I tried to hide Enoshima-san's image? Where's your proof?!

Evidence bullets: Photo of Kirigiri and the headmaster / The headmaster's Electronic Student ID Card / Group photograph / Emergency Interviews DVD / Mukuro Ikusaba's profile

Trial 15 (Youtube via Polsy)

The DVD wasn't the only time you tried to hide Junko Enoshima from us. There were also the group photographs.

T...Thump thump!!

I noticed it when I compared the photos you gave everyone earlier.
There was a strange feature they all shared.

T...There's nothing strange about them!!

The strange feature all these photos share is...

The person who got the photo / Mukuro Ikusaba's face / Junko Enoshima's face

It's Junko Enoshima's face.
Her face is the only thing that is hidden in all four photos.

It's very strange that her face doesn't show up in even a single one.
In addition, Mukuro Ikusaba appears in those photos.
That means the two have not yet switched places when they were taken.

In that case, the Junko Enoshima that appears in the photos is undoubtedly the real one.
That's why you had to choose only photos where her face is hidden.
If we could see her face in the photos, your secret would be exposed.

It means the Junko Enoshima who appears in those photos isn't the Junko Enoshima we know!


It's all exactly as Naegi-kun explained.

...Mukuro Ikusaba switched identities with Enoshima Junko before she met us.

And then, the real Junko Enoshima faked her own death by killing Mukuro Ikusaba...
...and is still alive.

She is the ringleader behind this school life of mutual killings...

The true identity of the mastermind, "Super High-school Level despair"!


...And with that, we exposed both the true identity of the mastermind, and the crime she committed.

N...No no...! W...Wait a second...!

Any more counterarguments are useless.
There is nowhere left for you to escape to.

I'm going to prove it!

Climax Inference (Youtube via Polsy)



Right after we entered the school, we met "Super High-school Level Fashion Girl" Junko Enoshima.

...But she wasn't the real Junko Enoshima.

The person who stood before us was the 16th student, who switched identities with Junko Enoshima...

...It was Mukuro Ikusaba.

But, that girl was soon killed by Monobear... That is, by the mastermind.

She was killed as Junko Enoshima.

And then, after her body was stored for a while in the biology lab that was used as a morgue..

...The mastermind decided to use it again.

The mastermind pulled her body out of the biology lab, and carried it along with a tarp to the botanical garden.

She wanted to frame Kirigiri-san, who got in her way, for the murder of Mukuro Ikusaba.

To do that, she wanted us to think Mukuro Ikusaba was still alive and hiding in the school...

And so, she put on a mask and attacked me.

Then, after the mastermind left that mask's impression on me, she left my room...

And put the mask on Mukuro Ikusaba's dead body.
She wanted to make me think the person who attacked me and Mukuro Ikusaba were one and the same.

She wanted to make me think Mukuro Ikusaba had just been killed.

Then, finally, the mastermind got rid of the evidence by setting up an explosion.
She wanted to hid the fact that the body...

...was the body of Junko Enoshima, who we met when we arrived at the school.

...That is the truth behind Mukuro Ikusaba's murder.

And, the person who planned it all is the mastermind who operated Monobear...

...The real Junko Enoshima!!

Trial 16 (Youtube via Polsy)

How about it?! This is the whole truth about this case!


...What's wrong? Are you doing your famous impression of being broken again?


If you're thinking about escaping, we can't let you do that!


Hey, hey! It's time for you to show your real self!


Y...You may be an endangered species... but how much longer do you plan to stay hidden?!


Give it up, Junko Enoshima. It's all over.



Upu... Upupu...
Did you really think it would be over with that climax...?

You're wrong! There's still much to do!


Junko Enoshima is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi, her second role in the game after playing Mukuro Ikusaba in the first chapter. Much like Miyuki Sawashiro's Fukawa and Syo, her approach to the two characters is radically different.

O, I have been waiting for so long! I have been waiting for warriors such as yourselves to appear before me!
Should you agree to become my disciples, I shall bestow half the world upon you.
I have already prepared the real-estate transfer documents! They include the lands, the titles and my very own home-made cooking!
What say you? Will you follow me?


Well? Will we?