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Part 19: Super High-school Level Update #17

It was footage from a concert.
I knew the face of the girl standing at the front of the stage very well.


On the monitor, Maizono-san danced with the girls she called her precious friends.
Her figure on the stage was sparkling. It was full of life.
When I watch her like that, it’s getting even more difficult to believe...

...that this girl is... dead...

But just as my vision started to blur a little bit...
That infernal voice started flowing out of the speakers.

Super High-school Level Idol, Sayaka Maizono. Popular leader of a national idol group.
The bright spotlights really do suit those girls, don’t they? Nevertheless...

The screen suddenly went dark.
And then, the next moment...

Something ridiculous appeared in front of my eyes.

Maizono-san’s figure disappeared from the ruined stage.
But... that’s not what grabbed my attention. What did...

...were the fallen bodies of the other bandmates.

For some reason, that popular national idol group broke up!
Those girls’ lives as idols are over. They will never be bathed in spotlights again.
In short, Sayaka Maizono has no “place to return to” anymore!
And so, here is your question! Why did that popular idol group break up!?


At that point, the video suddenly cut short...

W...what the hell was that...
It... can be real...?!

They’re a national idol group. Everybody knows them. They’re celebrities.
How could he reach... people like that?

If that video isn’t fake... everyone must be losing their minds outside right now...

Who... is he? How can he do such things...?!

We're mostly out of leads now, but last updates Naegi suggested we try talk to our classmates and see if they have any ideas. Luckily, our magic map works this time, so I know where they are. Ishimaru is right outside the AV room's door, in fact.

Naegi-kun, listen to me! I discovered a peculiar thing!!
There’s a name plate on everyone’s door. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Those nameplates were...!!

...Alas, I can’t reveal too much!! You may be the culprit, after all!!

Forget everything I just said! Forget-- Forget-- Forget Beam!!

I just made a little joke. Ha ha ha!!

Yeah, we already know about the name plates. Celes is also nearby, in the entrance hall.

Hey, Celes-san... Did you find anything useful...?
Who knows...? But let us assume I don’t already know who the culprit is.
I do not plan to reveal my entire hand before the school trial begins.
So, can you at least tell me if there are any places worth investigating?

I don’t like it... are you trying to find out whart I really know?

Oh well... I guess there’s no harm in telling you.
It’s obvious you should visit the scene of the crime, but I also think the trash room is suspicious.
The trash room...
It’s a place suitable for destroying evidence, isn’t it? But there’s a problem with it...
...what’s that?

It’s such an unsanitary place... I will not go in there even if my life depends on it!

So... I’ll leave that part of the investigation to you guys.
I.. is that so...

I think that's the second person who mentions the trash room. Worth checking out. But before, Fukawa is hiding in one of the classrooms. Let's go troll her.

When I think I’ve been living with someone who would kill just for his own good...
...I think I’m going to vomit.
But... are we even sure what Monobear said was true?
Is the killer... really one of us?
If the man behind that bear really wanted to kill us himself... he could have done that from the very start...

I guess... she’s right.

By the way, how’s your investigation going?
Didn’t I tell you before? I am... not good with blood. So... I’m not investigating.
Not that it matters... I already know who the killer is...

Sayaka Maizono was killed in your room. There’s no other answer...
That’s the most damning proof... That’s... t... the truth...

Fukawa-san really does suspect me, doesn’t she...

Last time we visited the trashroom there was nothing there but a huge shutter gate blocking our way, and a mysterious locked trapdoor. Let's see if something changed.

There is a shutter gate blocking the way.

Nope. Seems it's all still the sa...

This is the terminal station.
The garbage disposal facility, AKA the trash room...
How do I open this shutter gate...?
Halt! Going in is forbidden!! Only the person on cleaning duty is allowed entry!!
Cleaning duty...?
Halt! Going in is forbidden!! Only the person on cleaning duty is allowed entry!!
Who are you talking about...?
Halt! Going in is forbidden!! Only the person on cleaning duty is allowed entry!!

I can’t get him to talk... maybe I should just ask everyone if they know something...

Halt! Going in is forbidden!! Only the person on cleaning duty is allowed entry!!

System message posted:

“Cleaning duty” was added to your notes.

I don't think he's talking about Celes, so let's ask the only other person who mentioned this place.

Hey... I’m looking for the person on cleaning duty...
Cleaning duty...?
Ah... that would be me... do you need anything?
Monobear came to me yesterday morning.
He said if no one’s in charge of dumping the garbage, the place would soon have piles of trash lying all around...

I immediately announced my candidacy!
I was supposed to start this morning, but then everything happened I haven’t done any real work yet...
So, as the person on cleaning duty, can you open the shutter gate in the trash room?

Of course I can!
It’s my job to collect all the garbage, and bring it to the trash room for disposal, after all!
I was granted the important responsibility of holding the shutter gate’s key!!

By the way, the person on cleaning duty is going to be changed every week. I’m sure you’ll have your day in the spotlight as well, Naegi Makoto-dono.

Wait a second...
A key is required to enter the trash room? And only one person is allowed access to the key?
Why is such a bothersome system in place?
Why not just leave the trash room open and let everyone take care of their own garbage?
That would surely be more efficient...
Maybe he’s thinking...

6. A “culprit” who kills a fellow student will graduate the school. However, they must not let any other student know they are the culprit. that’s it.
If you let everyone have free access to the trash room...
Getting rid of evidence becomes too easy.
In short, the thrill is gone and it becomes boring.

Let’s change the subject for a second...

Hey, fatty! Why were you so eager to offer your candidacy to do this job?!

I... I just thought it’s a job everyone else would surely hate... What about it?
You liar! I know just what you were thinking...!

You wanted to go through the girls’ garbage, in search of all sorts of... you know what I mean...

W...what are you talking about?! My love is limited to 2 dimensional girls!!

But it happens very frequently, doesn’t it? Not being satisfied by 2 dimensions anymore, guys like you go around doing criminal stuff in the real world.

I...I...I... will never be unsatisfied by 2D!!

I spent a considerable amount of time comparing the merits of 2D vs. 3D, and chose 2D on my own volition!!
The only reason to live in this 3D world is to love 2D girls!
...also, dolls and figures.

You really don’t care about embarrassing yourself, do you.

If you’re that worried about Yamada’s conduct, I think I have a good solution.
Whenever a guy is on cleaning duty, we’ll have Sakura Oogami join them from the point they collect the garbage until they dispose of it.


If you’re not doing anything seedy, there’s nothing to worry about, is there.

H... how did it come to this?!
Yamada-kun, if I may change the subject -- since you’re on cleaning duty, I have a little request.

Suddenly you want to be my friend? I don’t think we reached this part of the plot yet...
First we have to settle a mutual personal crisis, save the village together or maybe fight and win a grand battle...
That’s not it... You’re on cleaning duty, right? I want to investigate the trash room...

That was easy...!

Yamada-kun joined me, and we headed to the trash room together.

So... Should I just open this shutter gate?

Heh heh heh... Shutter gates remind me...
You know how that successor to the secret art of assassination was thrown in prison with a bad dude, and that girl that took care of them couldn’t say a word...
And then the village was attacked by that Mohican army and he had to take down a gate just like that. And that was just the first episode.
...Please. Just open it.
Yeah! Leave it to me!

Let's play... what is Yamada referencing! I figure at least some of you know Japanese entertainment well enough to know what he's talking about, so I'm going to spoiler-tag the answers. This time, he gave a somewhat incoherent summary of Fist of the North Star's first episode.

Yamada-kun pulled a key out of his pocket, and then used it to operate a switch near the gate.

You know, Naegi Makoto-dono...

I think I know what your plan is! You just want to use me so you can dispose of some evidence here!?
You can’t deceive me!!’ve got it all wrong!
I didn’t come here to destroy evidence... I just want to investigate!

But aren’t you the culprit, Naegi Makoto-dono? What’s the sense in investigating the very evidence you left yourself? Are there parallel worlds involved?

I think I should just stop listening to him and start my investigation.

There are several things of interest here. First, let's take a look at the garbage disposal method this school uses.

There’s an incinerator installed in the back of the trash room...
It’s located about 10 meters away from the gate.

And for some reason the fire is on...!

Do you see the green button and the yellow button next to the incinerator?
It’s a system where you press the green button to start burning, and the yellow button to extinguish the fire.
Makoto Naegi-kun. The day will come when you will be entrusted with cleaning duty yourself, so please remember it weeeeeeeeehaaaa?!!!

Heyheyhey! The incinerator’s fire was left on!?

That’s not right... when I last came here, there wasn’t any fire...

Is this the work of elves...?
Yamada-kun! Are you sure you’re not mistaken?

Eh...? About the elves

...not that. About how the fire was off when you were last here...

Ah... I am most certainly not mistaken. If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s my memory.
After I was charged with cleaning duty yesterday morning, I came here to check the place out. At that time, I’m sure there was no fire.
Since then, I didn’t come in here again.
But since I’m the only one with a key to this place...

There’s no one who could have turned it on...

Does that mean someone managed to turn the incinerator on without opening the shutter gate...?

But... how is that possible?

System message posted:

“Incinerator” was added to your notes.

There are two things on the floor in front of the incinerator.

In front of the incinerator, shards of glass are lying on the floor.

It looks like... a broken glass ball. About the size a man can hold in the palm of his hand.

HmmHmm... Could that be...!
...Do you recognize it?

If you collect seven of them, a dragon appears and grants your wish...

That's from Dragon Ball, of course.

Heh heh. Let’s leave the jokes aside... Seriously, I’ve seen them on street corners many times.
You know... there are those old ladies who gaze deeply into them and then tell you your future.
Those brown sisters from the 4th game also had one, didn’t they?

And now he's talking about Dragon Quest 4

I understand what he’s trying to say... If that’s what this is, then its owner must be...
...that guy, right?

I think he’s still in the gymnasium. I should go ask him directly...

System message posted:

“Broken glass ball” was added to your notes.


There’s something on the floor right next to the incinerator.

Are those... the burning remains of something?

Burning? Are you also full of burning desire, Naegi Makoto-dono?

Anyway... that charred thing here looks like...
Some kind of cloth. In addition, it’s shape...
This is the sleeve of a white shirt, isn’t it?!

There’s also some blood on it! So, that means...!

Are those the remains of... evidence the culprit tried to destroy?

But... there are many people here who wear shirts with white sleeves...
I can’t identify the culprit with just that...

System message posted:

“Remains of a white shirt” was added to your notes.

It’s really strange.
When I was here before, the fire was off in the incinerator, and that broken ball and burned sleeve weren’t here.

What’s the meaning of this, Naegi Makoto-dono! I think it’s time for your confession!
Why... me...?

It’s clear you are the culprit! This mystery is solved!

He's quoting the catch phrase from Kindaichi Case Files.

This man... can’t tell manga from reality, can he.

Next time... we wrap up the investigation!