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Part 77: Chapter 3 Extra Study Material (1)

Episode 3 Extra Study Material

As before, I'm going to post social links events with Ishimaru, Celes and Yamada gradually. I'll let you know in the thread when this post is updated. We're starting with Ishimaru, since we already covered the first Yamada and Celes events in the proper game.

When you see someone in the nude, it becomes plainly obvious whether they are worthy of your trust...
That's why it's important to show each other our naked bodies!

Let's do it! Show me your body!

...What should I do? Should I spend time with Ishimaru-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

Excellent! Let's hang out in the nude! Don't hesitate! Take off your clothes!!

I went to the public bath with Ishimaru-kun.

I think we became a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Scurry Prince: Instant curry marketed for kids. Even though it's made for kids, it's a high-grade curry made with plenty of fine ingredients.

A parody of S&B's Curry Prince brand of instant curry.

Naegi-kun! As long as we're here, won't you talk with me some more!?
S...sure, I don't mind.

Right, so...

Let's practice our debating skills! Don't let your personal opinion interfere and concentrate on crushing my arguments!
What should we debate about? The social system? The government? International affairs!?
Um, I can tell you like debating, but...
Can't we just have a normal conversation? I think we should try to learn more about each other...

What is "a normal conversation"...?
Um... for example...
How do you spend your time, Ishimaru-kun...?

I study, of course! I'm a student, after all! A student should be a professional at studying!
In addition, the disciplinary committee kept me busy! I was their head, you know!

It was my duty to create an environment where everyone could concentrate on studying hard!!
Um... but other than that...
What do you do when you're at home, or in your spare time?

I study to pass the time, of course!
I... see.

Ha ha ha! It's your turn now! What do you do on your spare time, Naegi-kun!?
Um, the usual things. I watch TV, play video games...

Huh... So, what kind of studies are these things good for?, they don't teach me anything... They're just fun...

Fun by itself isn't helpful for life at all! There must be another reason!
Isn't that right!? There must be a deeper reason to spend your precious time that way!

A deeper reason... Even if he wants one...

...No, maybe there is one. The next day I can talk about it with everyone...
That is...

It's just fun / It helps with my studies after all / Conversation with friends

Oh, there is something it helps me with. It's something to talk with friends about!

...Talk with friends?
You know, you talk about the show that was on TV the previous night, or about the games you like...
It's a way to make friends. Isn't that good enough?


That is incredible!!
W...what's wrong!? troubled me for years...
I tried talking to my classmates, but the conversation never lasted long, no matter what I tried...
I...I finally found the answer...

I simply didn't study television and games enough!!'s not really studying...

How embarrassing! I am embarrassed with myself! If there was a hole here I'd crawl into it!!
I didn't even notice my insufficient knowledge... I kept being troubled, and wasted my time...
I am an embarrassing person! A failure as a hall monitor!! I think you're perfectly fine as a hall monitor...

Thank you! Naegi-sensei!!

You taught me something important! From now on, I shall call you "sensei" out of respect!
T...that's not necessary!

Ha ha ha! There is no need for modesty, Naegi-sensei!
Teach me more some other time! Until then, I'm going to do some self studying!!
Well, then, Naegi-sensei! Please excuse me!!

Ishimaru-kun stood up and left the room.


Somehow, it doesn't sound that bad...


We get a skill: Imperessive Expressive Power: +2 to maximum expressive power during school trial.

Ishimaru scene #2:

Oh, Naegi-kun! How are things going!?

...What should I do? Should I spend time with Ishimaru-kun?

Spend time / Go somewhere else

What!? You want to hear what I have to say!?

Very well! I will tell you each and every one of my life mottos!!

I spent time listening to many life mottos.

I think we became a little closer...

Should I give him a present?

Give / Do not give

Radio-kun doll: A doll of the master-of-ceremonies character from the popular TV show, "Age-age Girl"

A parody of Television-kun, from an early nineties variety show for kids that aired on Fuji TV, "Ugo-ugo Luuga".

Naegi-kun, there is something I wanted to tell you for a while now...

Now that we're alone, I can just let it out!!
W...what is it?

You wear an impressive hoodie, Naegi-kun!

No, you have an admirable fashion sense. Wearing a hoodie under your school uniform...

It's chaos! Your discipline itself is out of order!!
I...I'm sorry... Is it not allowed...?
My previous school was fine with it...

It's not appropriate for Hope's Peak Academy! As long as I'm here, order will be strictly kept!!
Take this trendy hoodie off, right now!
R...right now!?

Of course!

Damn it, I think he's serious...

I need to think of an excuse, or I'll really have to take it off...!

Protection from rain / Safety helmet / Headlamp

It serves as a safety helmet!

...A safety helmet?
Sure! This school is a dangerous place. You never know what can happen, can you?

That... makes some kind of sense.
It does! It does!

In that case, I'll give you special permission just for now.

But as soon as this school returns to normal, you're going to have to get rid of the trendy hoodie!

...To tell you the truth, I'm troubled by recent fashion trends among students.
I can't understand them at all!

As long as we're here, teach me! What's this thing called fashion means?!

Ishimaru-kun wants to talk about fashion... That's unexpected.

For me, this uniform is enough. 365 days a year, rain, cloud or shine!
Even during school holidays!?

School may be on holiday, but there is no holiday from being a student!!
That's why as long as I'm a student I will always have it on me!
I...I see...

I have ten of them, so it's not dirty or anything.

No, wearing your school uniform year round is just weird...

...But I can't say that out loud.

Ha ha ha ha! The body tenses just by wearing the uniform! You should try it too, Naegi-kun!

...I guess it fits him after all, though.

We get an SP increase from this encounter.