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Part 78: Chapter 3 Extra Study Material (2)

Before finishing up Celes' free time events, let's take a look at one of her favorite presents.

Rose whip: A whip made with real roses. Because every beautiful rose has thorns.

* * *
* * *
* * *

By the way, Naegi-kun, do you like Mahjong?
I...I never tried playing...

They're talking about the four-player Mahjong that's played either for gambling or by elderly men. Not about the solitaire version often seen in the west.

Is that so? How unfortunate. I was looking forward for a match with you...
...Are you good at it, Celes-san?

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm good, but...
I once won a match that had my life at stake.
Your life...?

It was a grand match, set up by an eccentric rich old man...
My opponents were that same old man, who was a person known for his great luck, and a young man with silver hair who they called "The Demon".
They even had their own house rules, and I recall a game tile made of glass coming into play at some point...
...And you won that game?

I completely annihilated them. Both of them at once.
I don't think they expected it. The atmosphere got all shivery...
Heh heh... Such a good memory...

I...I'm kinda happy I don't have to play a match against her myself...

Celes seems to have found herself inside a chapter of Akagi. The "shivery atmosphere", in particular, refers to the 'zawa-zawa' onomatopoeia prevalent in the manga.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Celestia Ludenberg...
Celestia Ludenberg...
...Is something wrong?

Heh heh, I never get tired listening to the sound of my name. It's such a charming name, if I may say so myself.
I was wondering for a while now - why did you chose that name?

Is it a reference to something?

It's not a reference to anything. My parents gave it to me. It's my name.
...Doesn't that make it your real name?

Of course it's my real name.
So... what made your parents choose that name?

My father is a french aristocrat. My mother, a german musician...

That's... clearly a lie, isn't it?

Did you grow up in France or Germany, then?

Tochigi perfecture.

That makes much more sense.

Tochigi perfecture is not bad, but it's far from being the most exciting place in Japan.

I grew up in Tochigi's capital city. You know, the place known for its gyoza.
Do you know the place?

Right... Tochigi's capital city, known for its gyoza is...

Utsunomiya / Nikko / Ashikaga


A fine answer. This is common knowledge even among elementary school kids, of course.
Well, I am a high school student...

Utsunomiya is indeed Tochigi's capital known for its gyoza. Nikko is easily the most famous place in Tochigi - a tourist town known for the magnificent mausoleum of famous shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Ashikaga is a large city in Tochigi.

I know I don't look the type, but gyoza is in fact my favorite food.
Who would have thought I'd love such a common, smelly thing.

It's unfortunate that I'd never be able to eat my city's famous gyoza again...
Don't say that...! If we can get out of here...

We will never manage to leave this place.
I hate to keep repeating this regrettable fact, but it would be best if we all just gave up on the idea.
If we don't, it's just going to get more people killed...

Celes-san walked away, leaving those ominous words behind.

Somehow, the more I talk to her, the less I understand her.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Naegi-kun... I am troubled.
Troubled? You?

There is something I want you to teach me.
...Eh? What is it?

Shogi. I want you to teach me Shogi.
Oh, I'm sorry. I don't really know how to play myself...

Shogi is the Japanese board game sharing roots with chess.

...I see. You really are useless, aren't you.
...But, that sure is unexpected. I was certain you of all people would know how to play Shogi...
Is it because no one gambles on this game...?

Oh my. Of course people gamble on Shogi.
Eh? They do?

It's called Dark Shogi...
That's because it's usually played in basements. I once participated in such a match.
...Even though you don't know how to play?

That's exactly why it piqued my interest.
I wondered just what kind of Shogi I could play at that state.
...So, you got involved with Dark Shogi even though you had no clue?

Oh, I won a full tournament.
...You won?!

I'm not exactly sure, but it seemed my final opponent was quite strong.
She was a strange, beautiful girl dressed in a maid outfit.
How did you win?

I guess it was beginner's luck.
I don't think that's possible in Shogi...

Heh heh heh... Is that so?

The more I get to know Celes-san, the more I don't understand anything at all...

This time, Celes found herself interfering with the plot of 81diver.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Heh heh. Naegi-kun, we have become quite good friends, haven't we?

We have..?

Therefore, Today I will tell you something special.
I will tell you about the greatest gambling crisis that I, Celestia Ludenberg, have experienced in my entire lifetime.

A crisis...? Did Celes-san really go through such a thing...?

What kind of crisis was it?

It was a game tournament organized by a mysterious organization...
It was called "The King of Liars", and I participated in it.
"The King of Liars"...

It was a cruel game. Every player's entire fortune and assets were at risk.
It wasn't just about luck. We were required to win various games using our intelligence and our power of negotiation.
And then, my opponents for the final battle were...
A peculiar team comprised of one "honest girl" and one "genius con-man".
Were they strong...?

More importantly...
During a break in the tournament, I accidentally spilled some tea on my lap.
I became very troubled. It was agonizing, not knowing whether it will leave a stain or not.
It was... extremely painful.

So, I won the tournament with one swift attack, and ran to the cleaning shop.
I got there just in time to save my outfit, but it was awfully close.

Had I arrived even a few minutes later, my beloved outfit would have been destroyed.

Was that the crisis...?

Celes-san's greatest crisis?

I can't think of anything to say...

Celes managed to change the ending of Liar Game, even though the tournament in her version has a slightly different name.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Um... Naegi-kun...
W...What's wrong? You sound different...

Um... you see... There's something I want to talk to you about alone.
Would you please join me in my room?
Y...Your room?!
...I'll be waiting.


W...What's going on? Why is she suddenly inviting me to her room...?

She even sounded a little embarrassed about it...

No... I'm just imagining things.

I headed to Celes-san's room, just as she asked me.

Naegi-kun, I am so happy you're here...

So, this is Celes-san's room...

What's going on? Why did you call me here...?

...I have an announcement to make.
An announcement...?

I am carrying your baby.

Oops, sorry, I got that wrong.

That's not something one gets wrong!!

Congratulations! You just ranked up to Rank C, Naegi-kun!
Huh? Rank C...?

I have a habit of ranking everyone around me.
Is "habit" the right word...?

Most people are Rank D. It means that person is not interesting to me in the least.
Most of our classmates fit right into that rank.
By, the way, the lowest rank is Rank F. If I find someone who is ranked that low...
...I use my connections and hire someone to assassinate them. I can't allow such people to even exist.

She must be joking. I hope she's joking...

On the other side of the scale, the highest rank is Rank A.
That said, I have searched in many countries and couldn't even find someone who is Rank B, so Rank A is completely out of the question.

Therefore, the fact that you've been chosen to be ranked C is a great honor, Naegi-kun.
I...I see...

By the way, Rank C means you're now applicable for becoming my manservant. One of my Knights.
Oh? I...Is that so...?

I have Knights all over the world. They're all obedient to me.
I recommend you join their ranks, Naegi-kun.
If you serve me well, becoming the very first Rank B in history may no longer be just a dream...

Perhaps you could even... reach Rank A...?
I feel it's not impossible for someone like you.

I have no idea what parts of the things Celes-san talks about are the truth and what parts are just lies...

But, after talking to her that much, I think we formed some kind of a connection.

Heh heh heh... I am looking forward to seeing you dedicate your life to being my Knight.
Um... I never said I'd do it...



As expected, I can't be off my guard...
Even if I consider her a friend, I need to be careful around her.

...It seems that much hasn't changed.

* * *
* * *
* * *