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Part 79: Chapter 3 Extra Study Material (3)

Before getting to Yamada's free time events, I want to highlight one particular present.

Chougirin: A book detailing cheat codes in all games ever made. A necessity for every game fan.

The reason I'm highlighting it? I own a copy of the real thing. Meet the Daigirin:

The Daigirin is a massive volume published every few years. The one I'm showing here is the latest edition, from last year, covering everything up to the first few months of the 3DS. First and foremost, it's a catalogue claiming to document every single video game that was published in Japan, Famicom onward. As the cover claims, 20699 titles across 26 game consoles. Then there are the cheat codes and the hidden tricks - a vast amount of games have them next the game's description. 23629 cheat entries, if we go once more by the book's cover. It even comes with a fully indexed CD-ROM version of the book for easy access.

Because I had to, here's the Dangan Ronpa entry:

* * *
* * *
* * *

Well, then, Naegi Makoto-dono. Today I will tell you more about the Legend of Me.

A man gathers many stories on his path to become a "Super High-school Level Doujin Author".
For example, when I was in junior high, I persuaded the school to let me found a doujin club!

Ever since, I've been creating my doujin within the system!
By the way, do you know which work I am currently writing derivative material for?
No clue...

It's a very high-regarded anime series! Heretic Angels ☆ Mochi Mochi Princess!!

You probably think it's not very interesting, but I beg to differ!
You see, for me Princess Boo-ko isn't just another pretty anime girl. I perceive it as a work of meta science fiction.
Yes! That's the type of scholarly viewpoint I hold! Let me expand...
Boo-ko is what one might call an antithesis to the new-wave science fiction movement...
There are many elements in the series that can be seen as a direct answer to J.G. Ballard's "Speculative Fiction"...

O-ho! This is some impressive knowledge I am displaying here! Sorry for being so rude!

Anyway, I am not like all those losers out there. I am not watching Boo-ko just because she turns me on.
I see...
But, you sure know how to get what you want, Yamada-kun. Convincing the school to open a new club must not be easy...

I bribed some teachers with a percentage of the proceeds.


But, speaking of getting what I want, lately I've been on quite a streak.
Until recently, I've only participated in Boo-ko Only-Genre events...

That's what doujin events centered around a single interest are called.
For example, Boo-ko exclusive events.
On the other hand, do you know what events that don't limit the participants' content are called?

If events that limit the participants' content are "Only-Genre"...
Then the opposite must be...

All-Genre / Something-something Market / Special Event

If they're the opposite of "Only-Genre", does that make them "All-Genre"?


A fine example of Engrish in work.

There are many huge All-Genre events out there now, but because of that...

Lately, many half-hearted idiots who don't understand the true meaning of doujin are participating! They're ruining everything!
And so, in order to crush them all down, I resolved to participate in All-Genre events myself!
C...Crush them all down...? That doesn't sound very peaceful...

They come into our events even though their hearts aren't really all that into it. I can't just let them do what they want!
If I let it off now as a trifling matter, it will be too late to regret it later!
RPG final bosses would never lose if they just came and killed the heroes when they were at level 1, you know!

Somehow, I both get and not get what he's trying to say...

It's hell to survive in my line of business.
But, don't worry! We will get you in as a cosplayer first, Naegi Makoto-dono!
Eh? I have to join? And do cosplay?!

You have the looks. Depending on the quality of the costume, you might become quite popular!

Hee hee... I may be able to lure in the fujoshi girls...

I mean, let's change the doujin world together!
...Is that what you mean?

* * *
* * *
* * *

Na...egi... Ma...koto... Dono...
W...What's wrong, Yamada-kun?

I'm suffering...!
Suffering? Are you alright?!
Y...You're sweating way too much... Do you want me to go and bring you medicine?
Wait! What kind of medicine do you even need?!


I said Cola! Cola!!
Go and get me some Colaaaaaaaa!!

Whoa! Did he just transform?!

Um, I don't think I saw any Cola around the school...

I...I know... I searched all over...

I'm suffering from Cola withdrawal!!

Cola withdrawal...

Hmf...! Had I been in possession of the Evil Eye...
I would've taken over Monobear's spirit, and made him bring me Cola...
Unfortunately, I do not possess the Evil Eye... He's lucky, that Monobear.
But, nevertheless...

I can't take it anymore! I might even kill someone if I can get some Cola for it!!
W...What are you saying?! You can't! You have to endure!!

You only say that because you do not grasp the magnificence of Cola, Naegi Makoto-dono!

Cola... is the human race's best friend...
When I drink it feels as if my entire body is melting like butter... It makes me feel high like nothing else can.
My senses become clear, and even silly conversations sound like scenes from famous movies.

Keh... Even talking about it makes me feel withdrawal symptoms... Is that a hallucination...?

Begone, evil spirit!!
C...Calm down, Yamada-kun!!

I...I'm even hearing voices... But, that voice...

Eep! It's Boo-ko-chan's voice?!
"Keep it together"!!

Boo-ko-chan says I should keep it together!
She says I can't lose to the Cola!

Okay! I won't lose! I can be a strong boy!
I'll go on and endure for Boo-ko-chan!!

Yay! Let's go and play tag!

As Yamada-kun ran away, he kept talking in that creepy voice.

Is he going to be okay...?

Let's just say that he is.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Hey, Naegi Makoto-dono...
...Hm? What is it?
I feel you are a man worthy of my trust.
Therefore, I have a confession to make, just for you.

I am at my limits. I want to escape this place right now.
D...Don't say something like that with such a big smile on your face...

But... I really want to meet her...
I want to meet the real Boo-ko-chan again. On TV.

I'd like to reply that an anime character isn't actually "real", but I feel that I shouldn't.

Yamada-kun, try not getting too upset. I'm sure you'll get your wish soon.
I'm sure you'll meet that whatever-it-was angel princess Boo-ko-chan in no time.

..."Whatever-it-was angel"?!

Such disrespect I have never seen towards a princess! You must say her correct title!

Um, what was that title?

It was something about angels, I can remember that much...

Heretic / Deadly / Buddhist

...I got it! It was Heretic Angel Mochi Mochi Princess, wasn't it?!

Heretic Angel ☆ Mochi Mochi Princess.
The correct title has a ☆ in it, but I'll let it slide.
T...Thank you...
You really do like that cartoon, don't you?

She's the one I have to thank for brightening up my life.

At that time I didn't have any friends. I was just a good natured boy who liked to draw.
A good natured boy who fell into the dark side. I damaged everything I touched.
The only thing I took pleasure in was when student council-type girls tried talking to me from time to time.

When they did, I yelled at them for being hypocrates, talking to someone as disgusting as me!

Watching them walk away crying... I always looked forward to it.

Those poor girls... I'm sure some ended up quite traumatized.

Around that time, there was an anime I sometimes watched. It was Heretic Angels ☆ Mochi Mochi Princess.
At first, I thought it was silly. It was all about magical girls battling each other in public.

Some nights, I had a dreams.

It was the same dream over and over again. I was on a date with Boo-ko.
It was so much fun...
When I woke up and realized it was just a dream, I got depressed and noticed that I was in love with her...
I wanted to feel that burning sensation just one more time, so I ended up buying all of her merchandise...

The problem was, Boo-ko was never shown being in love in the original work.
I wanted to see that loving face of hers that I saw in my dreams, but there was no way to do so.

She made such a cute face when she was falling in love...

That's when I decided to draw it myself. I was lost in passion, you see!
Before I knew it, I ended up completing a tall stack of manga stories about her.
I thought they were fairly good, so I tried posting some on my web site...

...And in no time, they became a huge hit!!
That's how I was reborn as a doujin artist!
...I see.

I was so happy...
I found so many other brave warriors who were just like me...
I can't thank Boo-ko enough!

That's why I gather all my love and make her do shameful things!

I don't think he got that quite right, but...

I'm glad he told me that story. I feel like I understand him a little bit better.

Boo-ko is still developing as a woman!! With my direction, she's going to make many new discoveries!

It's probably best that it's just a little bit.

* * *
* * *
* * *

Hello, Naegi Makoto-dono?
Um, It's embarrassing to be so formal, but there's something I want to tell you.
I'll be waiting in my room! Come quickly!

Saying nothing more, Yamada-kun left.

What's up with him...?

What is so important that we need to go to to his room for?

I did as he told me, and went to his room.

Heh heh heh. Welcome, Naegi Makoto-dono. Welcome to my secret rose garden!
So, what do you want to talk about? Is it about Boo-ko again?


Oh, I don't care about Boo-ko anymore!
Don't care...? But, you were so enthusiastic about her before!

Maybe I shouldn't have said "don't care". It's just that she's not currently on my mind.
You see, right now I'm thinking about my original work.

Going through life as a doujin author, I've had thoughts about it once in a while.
Writing doujin is an amazing lifestyle. It's like working with your dreams.

But, that's not enough. I want to challenge the dreams themselves.
I think I can save someone with my own work, just like I've been saved by Boo-ko...

And I want my work to reach a huge audience!
There are people out there who don't watch anime except on Saturday mornings. They don't read manga except for the big shonen magazines.
I want to write something that can reach even those commoners!
I want to move from making doujin to inspiring others to create their own!

...I'll never stop writing my own, though. It's my life's work!
But, I think I can succeed doing both! That's what every author aims for!
I see... So, is that your dream, Yamada-kun?

Waah! A dream! I've never even thought of calling it that!
Stop, you're making me blush...
I think it's great, having that kind of a dream.
I'll be cheering you on from the shadows.

Hey, hey, Naegi Makoto-dono. Don't be so modest.

I want you to become my assistant.
That's right! The Legendary Storyteller and his Assistant!

Whaa! It's so cool! Legendary Storyteller sounds so cool!

Once upon a time... there lived a legendary doujin author... His name was Hifumi Yamada...

The old man went to the mountains to mow the grass... Heh, I'm mixing up my characters...
...And the old woman stayed home and did the laundry. W...Wait, what color underwear did she wash...?
A peach... a peach... I told you to protect her... Auction... Auction...!

Ah, I'm sorry. I was deep in thought about the plot of my new work.

Eh? Is that what he was doing?

In any case, I want you to support me in making this divine expansion of my mind a reality!
And, um, if possible...

I want you to do it as a true friend. I'm counting on you...

For some reason, I'm glad Yamada-kun told me about his dream.

I feel like I understand him.

I may even be able to call him a true friend now.