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Part 7: Episode 3: Grab a Tissue

Episode 3: Grab a Tissue

As much as it pains me to leave this... stunning vision... We have a game to plod through.

Heading back to the barn, there isn't much to do here for a normal-sized person. But for a pill addict? We can head to the base of the retarded tree.

There are three places we can go from here, provided you know what pixels to click on. To the top-left is under the barn porch. In the grass when you have pills, you can delve deeper. And finally, we can climb up the tree. Let's hop under the barn.

A drunken fly stares off into space.

Hi, I'm Tyler. Are you enjoying that drink?
Shhuuuuuuurre. HIC! Want some, bud?
Why are you under the barn instead of flying off somewhere?
'Cuz I can't flyyyyy when I'm HIC! like thisss...
Where is the NiteMare?
Huh? That place? You don't want to HIC! goooo there, nope you don't. I dunno where it HIC! iz...

Talking to him a second time, we have some more things to ask that came seemingly out of nowhere.

Hi, Omar. Is that a magical bottle?
Yessss, it shure is. Bottomless. That isssss, HIC!, endless beer!!
What can you tell me about these pills?
Thossse? They look like HIC! shhhhhhrinking and growing pills.... HIC!

I think we've figured out what the pills do just by getting here. But I had to ask Omar about his bottle's magicalness to do this:

Now we have a full keg of magic bug beer. That's it, that's all this area is used for. Let's head up the tree.

The tree is difficult to hand on to. Each nail you grab seems to bend further downward... It doesn't help much having a gaping, drooling Mick Jagger-esque mouth in your face, either.

That's not the worst yet! Reaching into the tree's left nostril...

All right! Some genuine Tree Snot. How disgusting...

That's just fantastic. We can't go inside the tree's mouth just yet. We need to prop it open to further torture the thing.

The only sound inside the tree is that of the wind outside. Every footstep echoes eerily in here. The inside of the tree reeks of dampness. An unused spiderweb hands from the wall.

Right now, all we can do is check out the soda can.

This strange grey brick feels as if it's made out of some sort of putty.

If you guessed that we go inside the can next, you're catching on. Let's pop some pills.

A huge can that has probably been sitting here for quite some time rests in front of you.

Now that we're extra tiny, what's inside the can?

You find a stick in the can! You take the sticky stick.

This stick is thicker and sturdier than the one you had earlier.

Hell yes! More sticks! Well, that's it for here. Let's grow a little.

And we'll just rub the Stick Mk. II on the spider web.

The end of the stick is now coated with some gooey spider web.

Mission accomplished. We have a brick of goo, a stick of goo, and a wad of goo. Let's head down into the grass at the bottom of the tree.

This is about as small as it gets. The roots of the grass are the size of trees, and leaves create giant sheets coating the ground.

Oh hey, more Alice in Wonderland references to ignore. At least the worm isn't smoking.

Hi, my name's Tyler. What's yours?
Dynx... <sigh>. Like anyone cares. My life's so boring right now...
Have you ever noticed you have a terrible overbite?
Yes, it drives me crazy. The few people I ever get to meet all laugh at it, not to mention my fez. I can't just give up my fez! My mother gave it to me...
What's in the bucket?
Oh, THAT? That's my sap collection. All my life people have been calling me a sap. Well, I'm not, I just collect the stuff. It's got a million uses, not to mention it's edible.

We have something sap-like soaking in Tyler's pocket... I bet Dynx would like it.

Pleased by the ball of snot, Dynx lets us take his snot sack.

The mere sight of this bucket makes you want to wretch, and the smell almost makes you do just that. You still can't believe that Dynx thought this was sap!!!

Yeah, I think we're done here. I'll just leave you with that, and a thought exercise:

How do you think we can open that door with what we have available?