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Part 10: Episode 6: The Excalibur of Sticks

Episode 6: The Excalibur of Sticks

Hey! We have a puzzle to solve:

Prof. Layton this isn't. You have to touch the flowers with the colors that match the starting letters on each line, in this order:

Running Dog

And the vines in the background vanish, letting us keep on keepin' on.

Nothing we can do here. The rock are too heavy to move, and the flowers have lost their key powers. The trees remain foreboding.

And to think this is a happy thought! The scene before you is almost depressing in its own serene way. Flowers compliment an ancient-looking wall before you, and exits are north and south.

More screens of no value. Moving north...

Rocks and stone statues litter the ground of this poorly kept area. It appears as if this is a stone garden someone forgot...

There... there is so much here. The turtle, the reflective stone surface, the plants... oh and that statue of motherfucking Bouf. I must pocket it.

Still as useless as ever, Bouf. You just keep leaning there, guarding that turtle.

Peering at these mushrooms makes you wish you had a pizza to put them on. The cave is to the north and the stone garden is to the south.

We have a bunch of brightly-colored mushrooms and no visible means of opening the cave... Other than the bomb, I mean. We're saving that for the pentagon. We have only one course of action for this patch of shrooms:

Drugs are cool.

The rocks below this mushroom appear to be purple, however it could just be the light emitted by the towering fungus above you.

There is a button on the tiny mushroom's stalk. Pressing it does nothing immediately apparent. That's it. That's all we have to do here. So we're gonna OD on more pills.

A craggly cave is dug out of the sheer stone face before you. To the right the forest appears too thick to continue. Mushrooms are everywhere.

Bushes line the side of the cave, and a pile of crates sits in the middle of the room. The only apparent exit is south.

Hey, a crowbar! That's like a stick, but made of metal! I'll just take that.

The crowbar is made of durable iron. It feels chilly in your hands.

All those boxes of dynamite? Yeah, we can't take any of them. If we did then blowing up the Ant's home, stealing their ring, giving the ring to a homunculus, and stealing their last means of self-defense wouldn't have been necessary. Oh well, with the vital Stick Mk. V we finally have everything we need to finish this game. We only have one more major obstacle:

These pricks.