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Part 13: Matataki Village and Wise Owl Forest Part 5

The last real floor of the dungeon. No new enemies here, and only 6 Atla.

With all the parts for the village, I go and add back in Couscous and pay him a visit. And holy shit what the hell is this?

No, seriously. What the hell? It's a giant, naked... retarded whale-dolphin-human-thing with a tree on its head. There's not one part of that sentence I can begin to make sense of and be OK with.

Anyway, completing its house results in a new place to go to access your storage. This makes no sense and is stupid.

He'll also offer you his candy, in case you didn't get one from Claude. Decline, and he offers you a "pretty stone," which either turns out to be a Fire or Ice attachment. Decline that, and he gives you this.

Now Goro can fight like a true warrior; With a turtle on a stick.

Now to add and check out Gob's home. Funny, I always pictured him in a lighthouse.

And when you complete his house...

He feeds you a large meal, which you can't finish. So he magically produces a Frozen Tuna to take with you, which becomes another weapon for Goro. And no, it doesn't thaw.

Kye and Momo's event features Kye going crazy and getting on top of the roof, spouting gibberish about an evil cloud. Crazy Grandpa, it's DARK Cloud.

Last up is Ro and Annie's house. After adding back Ro and completing the house, they give you a Moon Grass Seed. You'll also find a Sun Dew in a little chest, which is kind of odd.

Here's our finished village. I kinda wish I could have done more with it, but the U-shaped area, combined with large hill pieces and a river that cuts through the area make it hard to fit everything in a lot of different ways.

Treant sneezes out a Powerup Powder for Toan for fulfilling all the requests. Goro complains that he didn't get anything, so Treant horks up Fudoh's axe.

Why does he have all these things inside of him? Is he just the village's dumping grounds or something?

The Battle Ax is a good deal more powerful than any of Goro's other weapons, but we can make it even stronger.

Any weapon leveled up at least 5 times can be broken into a Synth Sphere, which retains 60% of the weapon's stats. These spheres can then be attached to other weapons. Default weapons reset to their base stats instead of breaking.

And while we're at it, I can show off building up weapons. Each weapon has a minimum stats requirement to evolve it into a new weapon, which has higher max stats and sometimes new special abilities. Toan's Bone Rapier can be evolved into the Evilcise.

I also broke Xiao's Bandit Slingshot and stuck it onto the Evilcise as the Steal ability also carries over with the stats.

And with that, we're ready to take on another boss.