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Part 14: Wise Owl Forest and Brownboo Village

Here on the last floor, you plant the Moon Grass Seed. It needs a bit of help growing though, so you use a Sun Dew.

Now, I believe you can screw yourself up if you didn't know better, and use up your Sun Dews and have to find a new one at random in the dungeon to use here. The one in the chest is the hint you're to save one for here. Thanks game!

Climbing up to the clearing, we're assaulted with a giant rock-throwing sasquatch. Possessed by evil, have to fight, and such.

From a distance, Utan will grab fruit from the trees and spit seeds at you. Up close, he'll swat at you and spin-punch. To actually damage him, you have to hit him in front or in back; His arms guard against all damage.

Believe it or not, this is Goro's fight. Toan's sword swings will usually hit Utan's arms first. Goro's vertical smash not only connects better, but results in hitting Utan's foot and stunning him for a follow-up attack.

With the added speed boost, Goro has no recovery time between attacks. I get Utan cornered and proceed to wail away with hits until the fight is over.

You know, The Exorcist would have been an even better movie if possession was handled like it is in this game.

"Father Merrin, Regan's possessed by the devil!"
"Get me by battle axe."

Anyway, he clears the way to Brownboo Village, and warns us that they're wary of humans there.

In a shocking twist, Brownboo is NOT destroyed and we do NOT have to restore it. It's a small little mystical place, and it's pretty.

So the village freaks out over a human entering, as we were warned. But I'm not afraid. I mean, look at these guys.

They's so cute! Like black mages crossed with jawas.

There's not really too much to do here. You can go into most of the huts and get generic "OH GOD A HUMAN!" comments, but that's about it.

Just in case you forgot how incompetent Toan is, he reminds us by standing and watching someone drop something on his head. Then he gets tied up. So fucking useless.

Where's Xiao and Goro to help out?

Toan tries to tell them about the Dark Genie (how?), but they don't believe him. However, one of the other villagers confirms Toan's story by a vision in a magic crystal.

Oh this is just getting silly now.

Toan suggests they try to seal the Genie away again, but they admit their powers have dwindled over all this time. However, those that still live on the moon might be able to do it.


Awwww fucking cockteasers. It's concluded that the Moon Orb must have gotten mixed in with some moon fruits that were taken to Queens to be sold. This raises many a question regarding the idiocy of this village.

So yeah, we have to go to Queens to see if we can find it. THEN we can go to the FUCKING MOON!