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Part 15: Queens and Shipwreck Part 1

Queens is an oceanside market town. Well, at least it was. There's three open lots where we'll replace buildings, and then there's the waterfront.

By the ships is where we find the resident "lone survivor" of the area - The Amazing RANDO!

RANDO! goes on and on about things, revealing that a sunken ship is used by merchants as a storage warehouse, and that the Moon Orb could be there. Yes, that's as stupid as it sounds.

Also there are monsters there now. BIG FUCKING SURPRISE!

I'm really not, but RANDO! proceeds to tell us about Queens' former Queen, who died 100 years ago. In her honor, her favorite ship was sunk. Again, this is as stupid as it sounds.

Using the submarine, we can now head to the newest dungeon area, The Shipwreck.

The shipwreck has a great atmosphere. A solemn piano melody plays as the ship creaks, and the whirr of the ocean currents is ever constant. It's my favorite area so far.

Enemies start repeating themselves, although with some differences. Corceas are almost exactly like Skelton Soldiers, except they have two swords and faster attacks.

The Hook is the gate key for the area. You attach it to a rope and hang on it as a pulley system lifts you up to the next floor.

Gunnies are a little more original. They strike with their claws and block attacks by hiding in their shells.

Flapping Fish are the backfloor key for this area. They're unusual, in that they will spoil over time if not kept on ice. Eventually we'll be able to buy ice at the market, as well as more Flapping Fish.

I might as well use this one before it goes bad.

Just take a ride in ol' tardfish's mouth here.

Gyons launch themselves at you at a snail's pace. Step aside and hit them as they float by.

The next floor is more of the same, with the addition of the Cursed Rose. They act exactly like Cannibal Plants, except their attacks curse you instead.

A surprisingly appropriate item, the Shipcabin Key is the key for locked doors in this area.

Two floors down, another 16 to go.

At Queens, you do your fishing in the ocean. The only usable bait here are the Evy and the Petite Fish. On top of that, the water isn't clear like it is elsewhere, so you can't see the fish and "aim" for them. However, you can get a fair amount of fishing points here, and I could use some more gems.