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Part 16: Queens and Shipwreck Part 2

God damn, things have taken a turn for the boring. No new enemies on floors 3-6. Floor 5 was a Xiao-only floor, and the other three floors had 14 pieces of Atla among them.

Six floors in, and I still can't complete a single fucking building. While there is a certain joy in clearing a ton of floors and then shitting out half a town all at once, this unfortunately doesn't make for a fun LP.

Well, there are a couple things that happened.

I built the Evilcise up to a Drainseeker, which adds the Drain ability. Dealing damage to enemies refills a portion of your health. The counter-ability for this is Heal, which just gradually refills your HP over time.

I also built up Xiao's Steel Slingshot into a Hardshooter.

During the dungeon crawling, I found a Trial Hammer. It has the Abs Up ability, which boosts experience, but it also has Poor, which means enemies yeild less gold. Poor's counter-ability is Big Bucks.

And I also found a SandBreaker, which has the Thirst (dis)ability. Your thirst meter drains faster, BUT killing an enemy replenishes a full drop of water. The counter-ability is Quench, which slows the rate your thirst meter depletes. Some people actually prefer Thirst, but I'm a Quench kinda guy.

And while I can't finish any buildings yet, I can add back in two people for now; Ruty and Jack.

The next two floors of the Shipwreck have a little more to offer us, thankfully.

Sam is an ice elemental, flinging ice attacks at you from a distance. You can either back him into a corner or take him out with ranged attacks.

Floor 8 introduces us to the Captain. He's to the Master Jacket what Corcea is to the Skelton Soldier.

And along the way, Toan's weapon upgrades AGAIN to the Dark Cloud (hey, that's the name of the game!). I should take the time to note that Speed, Endurance, elemental attributes, and enemy effectiveness all max out at 99. Toan's stats on his sword are all pretty high right now, so I just keep falling into upgrades.

NOW we're getting somewhere with this town. Ruty's is open for business, which means I can buy backfloor keys for the Shipwreck now.

I also have Joker back in the city, but I can't get inside his place. Even if I complete his place, I can't get in...

Sheriff Wilder and Sam are added back. Wilder comments that he has relatives in Norune Village; Pierre and Armand. Better known as the Macho Brothers.

Completing the office nets you a Search Warrant for Joker's place, meaning we'll finally get a chance to talk to him.

Joker sells crystals (elemental attack gems and elemental weapon attachments), and is searching for an orb as well; The Life Sphere. Believed to have arrived in Queens 100 years ago, it grants its owner eternal life at the expense of what is most precious to them.

The King of Queens (sorry, I had to) is a shady don who hopes to become mayor. He has two henchmen with him, known as Stu and Jake. Stu insists his name is NOT Stew, but every other instance of his name is spelled as Stew. That's funny to me.

Let's just fix up King's place and see what happens.

King tries to hand off an old lamp to us as a reward.

Toan, clumsy dipshit that he is, releases Ruby from her magic lamp, to the horror of pretty much everyone. One can assume that Ruby's raised a lot of hell for a lot of people.

Once you fill her in that there's another genie out there with bigger tits than her, she joins your party, and I'm delighted to have an ally that DOESN'T suck.

Finally, we'll complete Jack's shop.

And that's where the conversation would normally end. However...

Ruby persuades Jack to give us a proper reward; a Big Bucks Hammer and a Platinum Ring.