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Part 17: Queens and Shipwreck Part 3

With Ruby in tow (complete with jiggle physics!), we head back to the Shipwreck for another round of dungeon crawling and ball touching.

We get ambushed by a Captain, a Corcea, and a new enemy - The Pirate's Chariot. The Chariot is a mobile cannon that can hit pretty hard. Not too bad to deal with on their own, but when there's distractions, it can be a bitch.

Anyway, a couple slashes later, and we come to THE most annoying fucking thing in this game.

Along with Ruby comes doors that only Ruby can open (noticing a trend here?). HOWEVER, to open them, you need to attack these crystals with the corresponding element type. Red means Fire, so you have to switch Ruby's weapon to use Fire and then aim in First-Person view to hit it.

All these roadblocks really slow things down a lot, but Ruby's is the biggest bullshit of them all.

This floor sucked, so I head on through the next couple for some more Atla. This dungeon really feels padded out by having such few Atla on most of the floors.

Floor 12 is a Ruby-only floor. If I can't use Toan, Ruby is the next best thing. Her ranged attacks are similar to Xiao's, but you can also charge up for more damage. Her focus on magic power also makes her very powerful.

A quick chest raid of the town (Got some Witch Parfaits for Ruby's defense), and then we can add back Basker and Phil.

The Cathedral's kind of interesting. Phil hints that he knows more about the Queen and the history of the city, but we'll have to wait to find out more.

Another new enemy. Auntie Medu fires magic at you that can freeze you and leave you wide open for follow-up attacks.

Also, only two fucking Atla on this floor. COME ON! Fuck the image; Sign and Divining House. This dungeon got real shitty real fast.

The last new enemy of the dungeon, the Mask of Prajna is a floating Oni (I think?) mask with a fan, a shortsword, and green gas breath. Like everything else by this point, it's not too hard for Toan. My sword's been killing everything in one hit since 2 upgrades ago.

One more floor for the road.

Yaya is a mystic who essentially thinks everything about Toan sucks. I agree with this.

Lana is a fruit vendor. Completing her shop lets you buy fruit items, like poisonous apples. Now that we have a steady flow of them, we can go on a Mardan catching frenzy for tons of gems. This will be fun.


I spent a lot of time building up a new sword for Toan, since the one I was using was following a tech tree to a weapon I didn't want... Only to realize I was following the SAME tree with my new sword. So doing it all over again, breaking down weapons and buying gems, I built up to THIS.

The Chronicle Sword is Toan's best weapon. As if I wasn't absolutely destroying everything in my path already, now I have a huge fucking sword that glows green to do it with.

I also got Goro's Battle Ax built up to a Satan's Ax, which is the most badass-looking weapon in the game with an equally badass name.

We also found a new friend! Everyone...

Meet Steve. Steve is a magical talking slingshot. He's ultimately weaker than other options for Xiao, but he can talk, making him more fun to use.

Unfortunately, it's hard to get good screenshots when worrying about movement in the game AND his quips (not to mention Xiao's weak as shit). You probably won't see too much of him.