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Part 6: Norune Village and Divine Beast Cave Part 4

When we last left off, we were going to check out a Back Floor and level up our weapon again. I decided Floor 2 would be the best option for now, so after a fun little tram ride, here we are. As I said before, Back Floors contain tougher versions of enemies, as well as more valuable treasures such as gem attachments. You might also come across enemies you won't face until a few floors later, like in this case.

The Ghost is easy enough. He comes at you with a sissy slap and then teleports to another spot (throwing off your lock-on). If you let him, he'll fly into the air and shoot an energy ball at you. You have to try really hard to let him get the better of you.

The Wind Gem is another throwable item, causing wind damage. There's a throwable item for each element, each status effect, and then there's good old physical damage. For the most part, I find them all pretty useless and end up selling most of them.

Well, the good news I leveled up my weapon. The bad news is I'm well on my way to leveling it up AGAIN, which means I am compelled to grind some more. But before I do, let's take a quick stop back to the village and finish up Claude's house to see what he has to offer.

...Well then. I don't actually believe Claude's bathing. He's probably just living his dream of being tits-deep in a stew. Since he's not using it, he gives us his Soap and lets us help ourselves to some Cheese. This reward sucks, so let's talk to him during the day instead of at night.

At least we didn't have to see him naked this time. The Candy is the start of a small trading event that will eventually lead to a special weapon attachment.

With that done, I go back to the cave, level up my weapon again, and then go to Floor 7.

Some floors are "Limited Zones," which have special conditions for that floor. This one has your weapon LOSING Abs when you kill enemies, so now you see why I wanted a fresh level before taking this floor on. Also, I took that first screenshot because I think it's funny.

This is the first proper floor where we face a Ghost, and joining him are two more new enemies. The Master Jacket (like the one we faced in the duel) is a slightly tougher Skelton Soldier. He tends to jump around more and be more evasive, but that's about it.

The second enemy is this giant pain in my ass. Opars expel a large gas cloud when you get close, which can cause Gooey and slow you down. And when they die they fall over and let out another gas cloud. It's best to deal with these guys with ranged attacks, which is GREAT for Toan and his melee weapons. "But Jamesman, don't you have throwable items you could use?" FUCK YOU.

Another floor down. Let's head back up and get restocked by the Mayor.

Oh fuck you. The Mayor isn't TOTALLY useless though, as there's a Fruit of Eden on the table, which increases a character's max hit points. Always important to take a look around towns after you complete floors or add more items back into the world, as items pop up all over the place as you progress.

We've got Toan's house now. Toan's house is the best house in the village. Maybe even the WORLD. It's two levels, with the first level being a barn for a LLAMA. Do YOU have a llama? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Actually, scratch that. Toan's house sucks. He doesn't even have his own room - Just a bed at the top of the stairs. He probably has to go to the barn to masturbate, but then you have the llama watching, and that's just uncomfortable.

...ANYWAY, let's just stop dicking around and go balls out on rebuilding this village, and then head back to the cave.

Best god damn village ever.

Another one of those "not a real floor" floors. But hey, it's that guy from the intro! He's going to become our ally and help us defeat the genie!

...Or not. He doesn't feel Toan is worthy of the Atlamillia (and really, I agree), so he's here to take it so someone competent can be the world's only hope. I fully support this in every way. For one, he actually talks. Secondly, his sword is bigger. And thirdly, he's not wearing a stupid poncho. Although the half-jacket over a bare chest isn't exactly one-upping Toan on style.

Another little duel segment which I TOTALLY aced... after I reset and tried again.

Possibly Possessed Asshole Future Guy decides to magic us to death. Rather than dodge the attack, Toan decides to get his ass beat to protect the precious kitty that decided now's the perfect time to stop fucking running away.

Future Dude admires this act of stupidity and offers a little advice and gift before fading away. Kitty then runs away FUCKING AGAIN JESUS CHRIST YOU COULDN'T DO THAT THIRTY SECONDS AGO YOU LITTLE SHIT!

But it's OK, because the cat gets blasted with magic and turned into Atla. Maybe I'll give it to Claude to eat. Anyway, time to move on to the next floor...

Except I can't. There's a mildly inconvenient crevice that Toan's too much of a pussy to cross. JUST JUMP ACROSS YOU GOD DAMN ASSBADGER! Fuck this, I'm going back home to just chill.

Next Time - Toan gets a pussy. Toan is a pussy.