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Part 12: - Cathedral of the Deep Part 2

Deacons of the Deep

The Deacons of the Deep are a simple but unique boss fight. I'd say it's a mob boss done right. Compared to the Royal Rat Authority or... well... the Magus and his Congegration from Dark Souls II this is downright glorious. It is an easy fight but it still manages to convince you that it's dangerous with its atmosphere and the sheer number of opponents.

All but one of them are regular Daecons that we've fought in a few parts of the Cathredral. The don't really do anything those don't. Maybe they are a little less agressive to make them more manageable despite there being a lot. One of them will always have a read glow. that is the one that you have to attack to deplete the boss health bar. It's safer to run headfirst into a group, but if that's where the glowing one is don't shy away from getting into the middle of them. Using your weapon to hit a lot of them at the same time is more fun than it should be.

Once you've taken out enough red glowing ones the Archdeacon will appear. That Archdeacon's name is Royce. He wears different robes, a pope hat and is your new target. Hit him with your preferred means of dealing damage until he dies.

There's one thing the Deacons can do that is dangerous: They can curse you. If you notice your curse meter bilding up slowly then find and kill the ones that channel darkness to the ceiling. I only died to the Deacons voice and that wos on my first attempt when I didn't even notice the curse build-up.

The Deacon's are guarding Aldrich's coffin, which is huge, at the center of the room and completely empty. So technically you could say they guard nothing, though you do get a peculiar small doll for beating them...