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Original Thread: Dark Souls #3 - FUCK YEA MOTHERFUCKER



Welcome to my Let's Play of Dark Souls III, released in March 2016 in Japan and in April of the same year in the rest of the world. Most consider this game an action RPG, I prefer to classify it as a slow paced action game with some RPG elements. But that doesn't roll of the tongue as easily. The series is known for being quite difficult but the difficulty is only one aspect of the game and more of a result of its atmosphere. Dark Souls III continues the proud Souls tradition of putting you into a world close to its end. And this time it is even closer than in the first two games because the Lords of Cinder who were supposed to link the fire refused to do so. And so we awaken. What are we? Not a chosen undead, like before. We're a nameless, accursed undead, unfit to even be cinder. And so it is that ash seeketh embers.

Before we go on, I'd like to say that if you feel like you want to play this game at any point during the LP: Stop watching and go play it! A first run of a Souls game should be as blind as possible.

This LP features two runs. The first one aims to be comprehensive and informative with solo commentary. As I'll go through the game more thoroughly this one will have considerably more videos. The second run will be a more casual romp. Most of the time I'll just head straight for the boss In the first half of my videos I'm accompanied by Krimsh, Interrupter Jones, JunpeiHyde and in one video BFC. For the second half I have recruited shibbotech and Skippy Granola.

While it's not required I encourage you to play the previous souls games yourself. Or at the very least watch an LP. Some recommendations can be found below.

Dark Souls by Geop - Blind run, with informed co-commentators
Dark Souls by Zain - Informative commentary
Dark Souls by me - The dude who made this is so hot!
Dark Souls II by me - My god, that voice and that accent! In case my sexuality is not already aligned properly to be sexually attracted to this man I will spontaneously do so now.

After finishing the first of the two Dark Souls III DLCs I also replayed and streamed Dark Souls and Dark Souls II but if you're going into this LP blind I only recommend watching these until after the parts covering the Ashes of Ariandel DLC as I may or may not mention aspects of Dark Souls III up to that point.

(Pre-emptively answered questions)

Q: Wait, so there's two runs? Do I have to watch both to get the whole experience?
A: No, both runs are self-contained. They could be considered two separate LPs if you like. I just like to do some more casual videos as a bonus to my huge serious-pants LPs.

Q: Are you a real pro at this game? I don't want to see no casual scrub stumblin' around. Git gud!!!
A: I've extensively played this game since it came out but not as extensively as you because I actually have a job and friends. I wouldn't consider myself a "pro" I'm more of a "casual" player of this "core" game. Which is more an attitude thing than a skill thing, really. But don't worry I'm competent enough. And even if I weren't: I know how to edit. Still, I think I can consider myself a veteran, having started with Demon's Souls. And yes, I lifted this Question and the Answer straight from the FAQ of my Dark Souls II LP.

Q: There'll be DLC eventually. Either that or the Season Pass is for nothing. Will you do that too?
A: Only if it doesn't suck (Future Update: It didn't suck). Which, considering the track record DLCs for Souls games have so far it's probably gonna be the best part of the game. So hell yes I'm gonna do it! (Future Update: Hell yeah, I did it!)

This LP consists of two runs. The comprehensive run will be on the left and is numbered. Clicking here will link to the update post, if there is one, or directly to the video. The casual run is on the right of the banner and is lettered. It offers a quicker run through the areas and the commentary is more on the humorous side. No thanks to me because I'm notoriously unfunny, but there's co-commentators.

After finishing the first of the DLCs and waiting for the second I decided to play through Dark Souls and Dark Souls II again.

I'm uploading edited versions of the VODs to Youtube. Click on the banners below to find a Youtube playlist. As of the time of this writing the first game's videos are complete while the second game's are still being edited and uploaded.

After not having played the game since my LP ended back in May 2013 I come back for one more round in anticipation of the series finale to see how well it holds up. It's still a very enjoyable experience but I sure wish there was omnidirectional dodging when locked on. You'll hear me complain about that a lot, but don't think that soured my experience. I do still believe it's a fantastic title.

Despite being my least favorite Souls title by a pretty good margin I was always one of the defenders of Dark Souls II. Scholar, overall, improved the thing (for the most part) toning down quite a few of the worse encounters. I have only played this version once before so I'm not quite used to it. Since it's the only game with powerstancing I went with dual Ultra Greatswords eventually because why not?
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