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Part 40: - Snowy Mountain Pass

This time we'll explore most of what's left of the Painted World of Ariandel. We'll only be leaving the last boss for next time. The Bonus video will cover everything except any of the bosses. It once again features shibbotech and Skippy Granola. It's that one session that was recorded before the last one was live, and the main reason that the flow of time is convoluted in this Let's Play.

So what about them Painted Worlds
You might have noticed that the Painted World of Ariandel alludes to things we've seen in the Painted World of Ariamis in Dark Souls. You might now be wondering what the point of these painted worlds is why are they there? And why are there's more than one of them. IS there even more than one or is it just one that went through a couple iterations like the outside world?

The latter is the most likely explanation as the painted world tries to draw parallels to the linking of fire and the ages of fire and dark. This comes complete with some embracing the rot, like the first corvian that we meet immediately after entering, and the ones that want it burned away, like the corvian in the settlement. The outside parallels to those would be the Hollows of Londor in favor of the Dark, as well as the Way of White who wants to link the Flame, perpetuating the the age of a fading flame. And while everyone has their opinion on this it is never made clear which of those options is better for humanity as a whole.

The painting always seems to have been a "place for the forlorn". The Painted world of Ariamis appeared to be more of a glorified waste bin for people that have no place in the outside world for whatever reason, it was closely linked to Velka, Goddess of Sin. Some might see this as a sign that being sent to the painting was some form of punishment. But to my knowledge there's nothing in the game that confirms that. The world of Ariandel seems more like a place to seek refuge by comparison. And apparently it can be left by its inhabitants, seeing as Sulyvahn was born in the painting. Whether this was because there was nothing forlorn about him or if anyone could just leave at any time is not clear either. In any case, the only people who know left are those who've been told they don't belong in this place of belonging (our humble selves as well as Sulyvahn).

There's still some dialogue we haven't heard yet as well as a post credits stinger (I mean, there are no credits, but it's a stinger for sure). And of course the boss. But we'll be seeing all that next time.