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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 7

By popular demand (a vote of 2 to nothing) we are taking a caravan. Lets go see whats up with the Jann and find out who Magnolia is.

So basically get going? Roger that!

I don't see a fuckin caravan.

See? There is an Oasis, but no caravan.

This guy invites me back to his tent... Josie accepts on the premise of no sex until marriage.

Oh, he just wants to talk.

He tells us that the jerkface Jann is named Asim D'rac and he is plotting something. Magnolia left to find proof. I guess I can't protect her if I don't know where she went. Lets talk to other people.

Ooooh a sultan!

Me likey.

A prisoner? Mistress? Concubine?

And the Sultan himself. These tents are huge on the inside!

Oh, their laws... Basically be careful how I talk to them, they're a bunch of jackwads about saying certain things like "you."

I don't remember telling this dude that I'd look for his daughter Magnolia But something I said clearly meant that I would... He then kicks me the shit out of his audience.

I get XP for agreeing (somehow) to find his daughter. He told me to talk to his wife. Guess she's not a prisoner.

I ask her what Magnolia looks like.


I offended her and Josies animal magnetism is not enough to make her keep talking about Magnolia. Instead I ask about the problems between Magnolia and the Sultan.

She kicks me out as well. These Jann are a bunch of assholes.

I don't know what to do, so I start walking into random tents.

This guy keeps me in a storytelling loop. I legitimately couldn't get away. He told me six stories one pane at a time before I could get out.

This girl tells me the tents are magic, but she doesn't want to teach me because she's a bitch or something.

Wonder what this little bell does...

Ooooh, free XP! I do this three times and take 3 damage. I don't waste magic spells on these things.

I wander around looking for the caravan and spot this dude. He seems rather rude.

He clearly knows me and says his name is Zorani... that rings a bell.

I yell at him to tell me everything, he doesn't know anything.

I tell him to leave immediately because I actually couldn't kill him.

He drops his tunic. I decide to try it on with Josie to see if the sprite changes.

What the fuck. I put it on, this guy runs up to me and hands me a note.

Well this seems like fuckin proof right? Maybe I should go tell the sultan.

He yells at me because I (and I quote) "have not even left the area yet!" to find his daughter. So I guess I'm going to leave the area.

This is the end of the road on the bottom right. I can't leave this area to the right. My only exit is back to Tyr.

I arrive. They start some shit.

We end the shit.

Now I'm at the only place I know I'm actually supposed to go. The storyline has been pretty straightforward to send us down the pyramid thing so I'm going to do that.