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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 8

This is massive.

There are a bunch of guards wandering around. They wait at a certain place for a set amount of time and then they walk a path, stopping where another group rested a moment ago. They are walking routes to keep out the unwelcomed people. We'll have to find a way around them to not get into a running fight every 3 seconds.

Looks like a garden with alters and a bigass cabinet up top partially cut off north of the woman.

There really isnt much else worth showing. Some openings in the walls that look like tunnels or something, some broken statues and whatnot.

We enter right here where the guards never patrol. Odd, that. You'd think you'd want guards to patrol the entryway.

This grate allows me to interact with it and since I see other grates around I figure I can use them like air ducts.

You fucking pussy.

That brought us way over to the bottom right by the cursor. There is a little blue dot, that's us. We are outside of the guards walking path, so we're clear up north.

What the fuck is this? It came out of the damn tunnel opening that you'll see later. It also hits like a hammer, causes fear, and fucking sucked to fight.

Oh it's a Freyr.

Huh, remind me not to look at those again. Another Freyr came out.

Moving north I find a spot where I can't go left. The guards stop just south of the corner, so I can't make them flip that lever to come get me.

A man walks up to me from the north. He's seen better days.

Well that sounds important, better ask!

He's a loon. Got it.

Two more Freyrs were chasing him and they beat the hell out of me. They sent Jameson and Dory running so my shit mages needed to win the fight. We took a lot lot lot of damage, had to spend basically every single spell we could at healing.

I'm tempted to go back to town to heal right now so I can have some offensive spell slots again.

I can't move left, but I can interact with the statue.

Hah, finally. Now I can move left.

Directly into 8 fuckin enemies.

Had to climb the first level of the pyramid to get them. Pictured is Web which was dumb because the dudes in there were magic men.

Area of Silence which is supposed to stop 100% all spells in the sparkly area did absolute dick and Antwoman took 40pts of lightning bolt. It was great.

We stand trimphant. Dory is at 22 hit points. No one else is much better.

I move around the pyramid because I want to see whats on the western wall (hint: More guards and fuckin Freyrs)

The first chance I get I say "Goodbye" because I legitimately don't care. I am praying for a bedroom somewhere on the west.

There's a grate right there. Since it worked last time I'm going for it.

There's a prisoner in the room. Lets free him! Oh, plague. Fuck that.

Well there's the solution right there. I'll shoot you in the face, old man.

Why does he want healing fruit? Didn't we just go over this?

I toss him some berries (because I ate all my healing shit) and he goes to sleep strengthened by the food. I get 2000 experience for it.

Just north of the prisoner is a grate.

I'm beginning to like eavesdropping on people.

Okay so now I've got a choice. Fight them all now, or let them go up top and fight them all later PLUS the other baddies. Well that's not even a choice at all.

We bust in like we own the place.

Jameson punches people, the mages sit there uselessly because they don't have any spells left.

Dory... fuckin Dory man. I am taking everything out of her inventory because with 9HP she's gonna die the second I climb up top and fight the enemy woman.