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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 15

I was told there would be mountains, but it looks like a jungle to me. A huge tree I can clearly walk up into, a vast cave, and 5 or 8 little holes in the ground. Also berries and a Jann (Magnolia?)

I don't even get done taking screenshots when random people walk up to me and want to fight.

This road is very well travelled. Guys from the mines come by, mercenaries, sometimes aggressive ones, and merchants all come by at regular intervals. And yes, of course I bought the bag of 2000 coin for 2000 coin.

I walk around for half an hour, completely fuck up a few quests and reload. I try it again. Again. Oops, stepped into wrong hole. Fuck. Reload. Alright, now I'm getting som-fuck. Reload.

Now I just jump online and find a walkthrough that names the holes I should hit in what order. I do it, and absolutely none of this makes sense but here we go...

I step down into a tunnel next to a little pond and find a note.

I have currently 800,000 coins. I dont fuckin care about their pay schedules. I do however find out accidentally how I can take advantage of this.

One of the barrels is attackable. I swing at it for a minute before I realize it can't be broken. I pick it up and move it. Nifty green boots are under it. These give a speed bonus to initiative, so Jameson gets to swing first in most battles. It also makes me walk quietly in certain places.

That greenish blue thing is a Sundew plant. I murder it.

There is an obelisk nearby that I investigate. The boots allow me to see serpent tracks.

The guide I am following tells me to leave the area now. The reason is that there is a single thing to do in the north and a hundred where I was, so lets get that out of the way.

I fuckin hate this. It's a giant walled off area with me on the outside.

A fuckin nerd snekman writing things down.

Lots of snakemen on some kind of raised dias, snakes guarding people... maybe short people? Dwarves? I don't know.

And outside the wall I find our objective.

(no they won't. I've seen them fight. They go down like bitches)

I agree to help and ask for double pay. My request is rejected.

Sneak in through tunnels, blow conch to summon Edelman. Got it.

I head back to the original area and am confronted by some short people.

He brings me back to his home.

Nice pad broseph.

I legitimately don't know what to do here. This is an either-or quest. I can either look for the pool or his friends. To be completely honest I'd rather look for the pool of heroism because I bet it gives me some bonus or something.

So thats what I do.

The instant I say I'll find the pool these guys appear.

I manage to save all three of those little runts.

I take the flash that was just above the little dude down bottom and add it to the inventory.

I climb down the tree and enter a specific tunnel. Not one of the 8 wrong ones, a very specific one that doesn't trigger the final quest for this area. If I go down the wrong one it starts a quest I can't stop.

A woman stands in a magic scribed circle thing and she's basically helpless.

She refuses to tell me certain things. I talk to her more and she reveals all. That was difficult.

I haven't seen either village. Wait, is the halfling village in the tree one of them?

So these evil snakeguys showed up and killed everyone except the giant.

I stop evil at every opportunity of course!

She now trusts me.

She tells me to get some roots from yet another very specific hole. Not the wrong one, has to be the specific hole.

Fuck, not this one. I walk out quietly.

Found her garden.

I give her the roots and she says she was just hungry and wanted to eat them.

I already met Snaggle. We're bro's now.

So the snakemen want to destroy all life as we know it.

This sounds important, so I agree to help.

Go get berries from zombie plants. Guess where they are? Yep, down a different hole.

The zombies actually hit kind of hard.

She likes the berries and tells me about her son. I agree to meet him after we defeat Solurnis the snake.

I accidentally walk up a random tree in the middle of the place near a road.

So if these were the templars with their 8 guards carrying all of their money, chances are I could ambush them for their money. These are not them and I'm already getting sick of this area so I climb down and leave.

I climb down the RIGHT hole this time and am accosted by snakes.

You all know that they dont like anyone, so talking to them results in the exact same "fuck you kill them" speech. I kill them first.

I head north because I see the fricken pool that I need.

I hide in an alcove and get 1000 exp for everyone.

Instead of 8 of them there are only 2 now. We murderize them.

The way is clear to this, so I do this. This thing heals anything, including death. I figure if I'm this close to it I might as well go kill all the other shit thats down here before I heal and exit the tunnels.

Oh wait, I legitimately can't do that or I fuck up the main quest. Reload.

I exit the tunnels to the north and I am inside of the walled in area. Right where our warrior buddies wanted me to be. But I'm not close enough to the temple so I don't blow the conch.

This guy actually talks to me. They aren't supposed to talk to me.

He tells me about the other two bigwigs in the snakeman group.

I don't even know what the fuck I am going to do with a note.

The scribe begins talking to me.

I ask him about El, a super magic dude who tried to kill all other magic dudes.

El's magic gold horde is gone of course.

I try to start the letter with "Hey you stupid worm" and they don't let me.

So I am forced to start with Dear Tantris.
Next line: Don't let Solurnis summon El (because that makes sense. El will murder everyone).

Next line: Otherwise you're a weakling.

They laugh and laugh because apparently I'm appealing to his macho side. Now how in the hell do I get a note like this to a snakeman that will attack me on sight?

I try everything I can think of, can't figure anything out. 30 minutes later I consult the walkthrough.

Tie the note to a rock. How in the fucking hell would I have figured that out? You can't combine ANY items in this game up until now. And now I'm supposed to pick up a rock, stack it with the note, and then throw it at Tantris? What the fuck this game is bullshit.

I do it, and I'm pointing at it with the mouse.

This is not Tantris. This is Solunis. For some reason the guy summoning the evil El guy is not the guy standing on the temple in the magic-casting area.

There's Tantris.

He yells his response to the air for some reason.

I move closer and then blow the conch shell because I really have no idea what I'm doing.

We attack them from two sides. The snakes send everyone at us. That includes the 8 down south, plus 3 more up top that magically appeared. And the seven on the temple floor to begin with. At least we got the halflings free.

My warrior buddies have some decent hit points. Maybe 50 or 60. They last for 3 rounds of combat.

Dory kills one of the different colored ones, Jameson kills another.

Jethis? Whatever his name is, he yells at us to stop.

He tries to gain control of the situation.

Tantris disputes his claim. Maybe this is Solunis. I don't even fuckin know. This is all bullshit.

They bicker back and forth, the political undercurrents of the conversation are riveting.

He attempts to regain control of the (guessing) unruly crowd. I ask him if he wants to die on or off the throne.

He changes his tone right quick and tells me to get out of here.

Tantris or whoever is not fooled.

Oh, so now we're fucking buddies? Also this makes a lot of sense why it took me a long time to kill the last enemy. Maybe he wasn't my enemy. Oops.

Somehow the blood spilled or Solunis finishes his incantation and El appears!

I mean, El is human so technically he's my friend right? He wants to kill everyone, but he's at least my same species.

Someone magicballs Antwoman for 86 damage. What the fuck.

Antwomans elemental draws fire while Jameson, with 20hp left, charges into the fray to take down El.

He finishes off El. Dory has been busy on the other side taking out the snakes so I felt OK killing EL now.

Dory takes out the last one. Every single one of the warrior guards died like 12 rounds of combat ago.

God damn we need to get healed. Think I can drink from that magic flask I'm carrying? Of course not.

I go back to the magic pool and drink up. Antwoman rises from the dead.

The snake Solunis somehow teleported down into the tunnel. We need to kill him to keep the druid alive.

He's not happy to find that our resident glass cannon is carrying Els Drinker (vampiric attack) and the +4hit +4ac sword. This will hopefully ensure that he survives long enough to use Bloodletter.

He summons some shit skeletons, we kill them all.

Inscribed on the wall are two tomb-ish things with these inscriptions. I'm sure those are more like guidelines and not "this weapon will murder the entire world" for real.

Down south are baby snakes. I need snake eggs.

What the fuck are you talking about? This is what I mean about quests triggering in weird orders.

I kill a bunch of snakes.

And fall into a pit trying to get this treasure.

Antwoman can neutralize poison, so this is a non-issue. Plus the magic healing pool is like 30 seconds north.

Josie climbs us out of the pit.


So I head left where I think there are clowns. Yes, clowns.

So umber hulks are mind controlled or something? None of this makes sense.

See that little tiny pink thing above the umber hulk? That's an intellect devourer. Jameson's sword (El's drinker) does 10 damage. Nothing else does more than 1 to them.

Told you there were clowns. Oh, mindflayers. My bad. Those things look like Pennywise.

They die super easily and I am unable to loot anything they have. I get 2 scrolls, one is summon greater elemental so that's pretty nice.

I am annoyed I can't get into the tunnel back where I killed Solunis, so I head back there and keep clicking for another 5 minutes. Finally I click the right spot.

Lets see where this goes.

I am top left.

Looks like halflings? I thought I freed all of them back in the snake area.

They are blocked in by a rock. I move it and expect them to all file out nicely so I finally leave this godforsaken area.

This guy is a dick. He should go hang out with the Jann.

I am getting a bad vibe from this dude.

The only other person I can talk to is this girl.

Did I just kill runner? The halfling whose head exploded? I don't understand any of this.

I make up a plan and then she reads it back to me.

Rock Sap is black goop that is sticky.

I still don't know if I am supposed to wait next to her or not. Inside the door or outside the door? Be more specific for fucks sake.

I choose wisely... Runner shows up, gets stuck and I immediately attack. Well, actually I talked to him the first time and he literally shot across my screen like a bullet. Never saw him again. Reloaded and then attacked him immediately.

She Rock Saps him.

I slay him.

I am 100% completely unable to give her the map. I leave in disgust.

Yay? So the entire tunnel system is clear and I leave.

So I guess I should have done the Giant first. Magnolia was initially outside of his big rock area tied up, but then I went north and never saw her again.

I go wake up the giant.

We have a rock-rolling contest for her. Dory wins by a little.

I also could have paid 1000 for her, or threatened to curse him, or just broken the locks on her chains when she was there. Everything works. Except the fact she isn't even here anymore.

I swing by the halfling area and no one is there. The trees are empty and I can't find them anywhere. Maybe they found a new place to live.

I don't know what is going on so I just leave and head back to the Jann to see if she is free.

She is alive! And she screams "YOU JUST LEFT ME THERE TO DIE YOU ASSHOLE" at me. Sorry, I got sidetracked. How did you get out?

Isnt this the quest I already did like 5 updates ago?

Yeah, this is the "accidentally put on the red vest" thing and get a note quest from ages ago. Is there another merchant camp that I don't remember? What the fuck is going on here?

I go see the sultan because I don't know what is going on. He says I saved his daughter and I'm a hero.

Wooo treasure!

I plunge my hands into the treasure and come up with 3 random things. 9000 coin and a scroll of shit.

Everything I say to her results in the same. What a stone cold bitch.

On my way out I talk to the Sultan again.

So this must be the quest that Magnolia is stuck in a loop about?

I take everything. I find a 1d6+3 bow which is nice. Usually they are 1d6-2. Josie equips it and a bunch of +3 arrows so maybe she'll stop being useless in combat. Seriously, she casts Haste, wall of ice/fog, and nothing else.

One more stop... About that tapestry. There is one route of conversation available. End result: She keeps the tapestry for a few days and tries her best.

Yeah, Magnolia has got to be stuck in a loop. Someone tell me if I should do something here or if I can safely ignore it. The sultan won't talk to me anymore, the nice Jann who invited me back to his tent won't say anything new either.

Oh shit I forgot all about the druid. Back to the forest I go!

The druidess is gone. In her place is her son like she said.

I told him to join Tyr's fight with the Veiled Alliance and he 100% cut off all conversation with me and stood in a corner.

I went back to Tyr, sold everything, and now I'm ready to go into the mines. The tapestry will take a few days so this will be a good diversion.