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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 16

I go to the mine leader guy to get the key and my canary dies.

Yada yada yada I get a key for 1000 coin.

I notice that the third door is open to the halflings tree when I go toward the mine.

They have a new leader, Snaggle died (maybe he didnt get the flask in time?) but no one was here a little while ago so I dont know what is going on.

We are up to 1.3 million ceramics pieces. This is the hafling vendor that has an unlimited supply of +2 magic arrows. Everyone is using them now.

He starts off saying something, then changes completely to "you found the pool."

I give him the flask, he gives me the still-full flask back. I still can't use it anywhere.

I already did this, I apparently didn't talk to these guys before doing the jungle quests.

I tell this guy to go be an adventurer because he's bored.

There are a few other halflings, but nothing worth noting. They all say the same thing after a while. On to the mines!

Josie gets 500xp for picking the lock to the mines.

Oh yeah of course I'm those guys.

There are problems in the mines. We can fix that.

Of course its broken. I'll fix that too.

The best part of this whole thing is that it's a giant shitshow of a maze. Nothing is straightforward. Want to go south to the elevator? North, west, west, west-north. Fuck you, maze.

I enter the maze... 3 exits on this one.

I would guess this is the current dig site. I start randomly picking entrances and exits. I don't know what I'm doing.

Umber Hulks probably killed some of the miners. I wouldn't think they could kill all of them, so there must be a nasty down lower.

Randomly walking around... I find 5 or 6 more Umber Hulk ambushes.

I found the elevator! It doesn't work. God damnit.

A dead end leads to this guy. He's a treasure hunter. Hold on to your butts, it's storytime.

So there we have it. We're going to find the hammer here. So the two tapestries will be the Fire Ruby and the Lyre of Winds.

Dibs on using it to make a sword.

He's sure this is the place. So lets go get the 2nd magic item that we need. Then we'll be half-done this go-fetch quest.

Well fuck I need the wheel for this cocksucker first.

Why the hell is this in their kitchen/bedroom area?

I eat some soup.

And find the miner that has been scarred by his ordeal.

Okay the mines need fresh air. I'll have to do this at some point I bet.

Stupid umber hulks.

Did they block me in? God damnit.

Bring one of those digger things!

This is going to be awesome!

What the fuck.

And then he talks nonsense for a while. He digs, but doesn't need tunnels to get places. He digs tunnels for fun and has for 20 years. He's one of those legendary miners from Dwarf Fortress that just sort of walk through the stone at a normal pace.

He gives me a whistle in case I need him to help me again.

Found the wheel!

And I get horribly lost on my way back to the ore cart. My notepad is a scratch of random lines and I can no longer read the damn thing.

I saved them, they explain how they mine, and then I leave.

I accidentally hit a lever somewhere and unlocked the cart. I didn't even know that I had to do that. Thought it was just a wheel.

Ugh finally. iIve been wandering for 10 minutes.

I stand it upright and hop in.

And it brings me back here. I haven't really gone north much, so I go ahead and do that.

I talk to the overseer. I am unable to sell my ore because she runs over there at roughly the speed of light and I am a lot slower than that. She gets to the weigh station, waits, says "Guess he's not coming" and comes back here before I even get out of the room.

Not pictured: Me walking around for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do.

I find this air blowy place. I'll just turn the fan and...

That's not how fans work. This is like a windmill, not a fan.

But whatever, i just turn them to blow toward exits.

I turn these to blow toward the exit west...

I miss screenshots in 2 or 3 other rooms because how many of these do you guys need?

Well this is just shit luck. My canary died, but I found this place after I was already doing the fan quest. Yay me!

There is a dude down in the corner over there. It's got to be the dickwad with the elevator key.

Give me the damn key.

He drops the key regardless, so I just stop the conversation with him.

I memorize the key for the elevator.

Then get so fuckin lost on my way here... Turns out the giant ore truck that I just fixed will beeline it here. That's a bonus. I just wish I had known about it 10 minutes ago.