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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

by Spermy Smurf

Part 21

Alright, so here are 333 images and one gif.

Zero combat, so I hope you all enjoy reading the intricate stories and shit that they crafted for this spot. It's actually really neat.

Here are the buffs that I load on my guys. Protection from missiles, barkskin, bless, haste, strength of one.
The haste wears off of Jameson really quick. Everyone else kept it for the entire update, but Jameson only had it maybe 1/3 of the update.

I was told to talk to the storyteller, so that's what I do. I am handed a murder mystery to solve. This better be straight forward because I don't know what I'm doing half the time. I'll go get this thing ratified by the Nos-guy who is grey.

She is a storyteller. She has 2 insanely long stories to tell. Get ready for like 50 uninterrupted screenshots. They are good stories to be honest, they tell about how this all came to be and what I'll need to do in the next area wherever that is.

First up is the story of how the Vermni came to be. Their initial mage Lorvus or some shit.

Holy shit that was a lot of talking. But at least now I know what the seal is all about and the origin of the Fire Ruby. Now I'll have to somehow get that Ruby out of lava? Piece of cake!

And now we learn about the heroes from Urik. I don't know who they are, but I've already impersonated them once. Is this a previous Dark Sun game? I don't know.

Oooooh, enchanted magic items that I want!

So now that storytime is over, lets get the damn murder mystery underway.

I talk to the grey guy who allows me access everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. That red guy with the yarmulke is giving me a bad vibe already.

Now that the bullshit is out of the way we're going to do some grave robbing.

Someone has beaten me to the punch already. Drat!

Well thanks!

This is the asshole that they saved with the other nice blue merchant (who is apparently a girl).

I begin questioning rigorously. Burt Maclin is on the case. I'll double check your alibi and be back if I find it doesn't pass my smell test.

Poor Sorval. Wished I got to know him in this life. I bet he had some really nice stuff to steal.

Ooooh, there's an idea! Lets go to his quarters and loot everything look for clues!

I head north.

There are a lot of people here. Great.

The merchant friend (who is a girl) appears everywhere I need to go. I can ask for advice and she'll basically tell me what to do next. Or she'll just go hang out where I need to go next and wait for me to find her and complete whatever needs doing.

North of us we have what I thought were mummies. Training dummies, you big dummy.

A grappling hook? I have a feeling I'll need it so I grab it.

Northwest is a dude in a room, he's different colored so he's probably important.

Sorvals quarters? A book on the ground screams my name.

Looks like a jail with a Draxan prisoner.

A statue maker and some kind of crafter. Is he a glass blower?

I beeline to the book.

Find the statue of the beast and fiddle with its eyes. Cando.

I thought we had an open door policy for fucks sake. I'll come back to this.

I head northwest to talk to the oddly colored guy because he's closer.

I break the news that Sorval is dead and tell him that a statue fell on him. He is surprised that no one wants to come in here because he makes explosions sometimes.

Turns out he's a magic guy.

He gives me his old scrolls and offers to write down a scroll for me. I pick the most powerful one of course: Meteor Shower.

What the fuck you should have told me that earlier! I would have picked a different spell! He says it will take him 216 hours to complete. Holy shit that's a long time. Nine damn days. Welp, I'll be back.

I knock his scrolls to the floor and dig through them. I find a couple like Web, charm mammal, and something else crappy.

Apparently the open door policy doesn't apply to the prison. Fair's fair I guess.

I am beginning to further suspect foul play. The statue guy has certified that it shouldn't have fallen down and I have no reason to suspect he would lie to me.

Yeah he's a glass blower and he definitely won't sell me a bong. Asshole.

He does tell me that there was a second person nearby when Sorval was killed.

The other oddly colored guy is a smith.

He has nothing useful to sell, nothing enchanted at all. He blows.

He requires drake claws. Old drake claws. Very old drake claws. Skeleton drake claws. Got it? He's gonna make me something awesome isnt he?

Thats it for here, lets go check out the statues!

Is this a daycare? That's really cool they included something like this.

Statues, one fallen. A few guys are top right to talk to because they are oddly colored.

I find a book. It's a cook book.

Roots. Get some roots. Gotcha!

I find a hippy.

A potion-making hippy! Yay!

That's a long time but fuck, I'll take it!

Shit yeah, I've got assloads of money and nothing to spend it on. 5 cure critical wounds will absolutely help.

Well that's pretty damning. I should head back to the grey leader guy and blow the lid off of this whole mess.

But wait, after reading the note I find some powdered glass. Who do I know that might know what kind of glass it is? Two that I can think of; the glass blower and the guy way northwest that makes explosion potions and gave me all the magic spells. I figure if the statue shouldn't have fallen, an explodey potion is a possible reason it fell on Sorval.

Holy shit these are kids. They want to play, but none of my characters can play "slowpoke" with them because they are too old. Neat.

Heading Northeast to talk to the 2 differently colored people I am stopped by this guy.

Ah, the two people that are here to talk are the loudmouth from the meeting and the little dude I saved from the fire elementals.

The older one will not spill the beans about the seal. Of course we know what it is for already thanks to the storyteller.

I tell Prosser that his brother is a dick.

And then he lets me know his brother is a lying piece of scum.

Welp, that's all for this area. I head back to the temple area to tell the leader that Sorval was 100% murdered. He'll keep it quiet but let me know I'm doing good and then I will covertly be able to figure out who the murderer is.

No one is around so I decide to read a book instead.

I don't know what this means. But hey, you're reading an LP so you get to see shit like this.

The leader shows up, he was probably taking a shit or something.

We are whisked away to the meeting.

I thought he was going to keep this shit quiet? How the hell am I supposed to carry on an investigation when you blab to everyone?

The loudmouth brother interrupts. He's a lying dick, but I can't prove he's a murderer... yet.

So he tells everyone I'm looking for the murderer and they will most likely be wary of talking to me.

I wait here until the screen reloads.

The storyteller is brilliant. I've cut my search time in half! I also can't tell who is a boy and who is a girl pokemon, so I just doubled my search parameters. Everyone is still a suspect.

Actually I have about a hundred... Welp, guess she's done with this quest.

The leader blows my cover and then doesn't want to discuss anything. Great.

At least I still have a clue... the glass powder. Time to go talk to the two people who may know about it.

What the shit I feel like it's been a month already. I hand him the glass remnants and he wanders around the office trying to find a potion that will somehow read the residue on the glass.

Crap. Okay, I'll begin snooping again.

Same thing from the glass blower so I head south to talk to the loudmouth liar and his little brother.

I should note here that I never find more glass. I didn't pick the lock to that locked room where I assume the glass or a potion is. I do other things which trigger the ending leaving this thread unraveled.

The little guy has new talking points.

Aha! Where was your brother during this?

That sounds suspicious to me.

I think you're lying to me like your brother. Where is it you little punk?

He gives me the book. It's pretty useless notes about each and every statue.


Beast. Wait, mineral analysis book might have more information? I should go find this.

Frightened one.

Cloaked one.

The fool.

His conclusions.

So what I've learned is that I need to find an old mineral analysis book that might have more info on what is going on.

Next to the room with the seal is this room. I begin looking for the mineral book.


No journal entries, but a key! A clue! I'm amazing at this.

This asshole arrives and is condescending to me.

I tell him I found a key.

He's got a reason for everything doesn't he? Kind of shifty isn't he? Between this guy and loudmouth I am unsure who is the murderer.

This just doesn't pass the smell test. The key is small, and I know someone who makes jewellery and trinkets.... Lets go ask him.

It's grave robbing time!

That's odd. I only told two people about the key and I fully trust the jeweler/armorer/weaponsmith.

Sounds like magic to me. None of the rebels can use magic, thus eliminating the loudmouth brother. Now I just need proof it's the jewish pokemon!

I investigate the tomb but come up empty.

On my way out the door I am told some amazing news!

Well then I'll need to go find Rhone to get access to the prisoner.

Notice my merchant buddy standing here as a huge clue?

Wahoo I get free rein to talk to the prisoners.

The jailer clerk guy is mad as hell about it.

Silvan is angry as shit too.

I interrogate the prisoner from outside the cell.

I caught him in a lie!

I am the best detective ever.

I ask him what he wants.

He responds with this which makes me think I misclicked, but I am 100% sure I did not. I guess this is the games way of steamrolling me into this next bit.

You know how if a prisoner won't talk you need to rough him up a bit or maybe just threaten the shit out of him? Lets try that.

I ask the gaoler, Silvan, to help me plan a ruse.

I follow him back to the cell.

Silvan talks about the 'decision' that was handed down.

Silvan opens the door and steps back.

I enter, he backs against the far wall.

He begs and pleads, but I just move closer and closer to him.

Aha! Now we're talking... I move closer still.


Silvan shuts the door and laughs back to his chamber.

Hey, who is this telling me exactly where to go?

I eagerly read the note.

Aha! The proof that I need! Time to go talk to the grey leader guy and get this jewish pokemon bastard thrown in prison.

Oh god damnit. I am whisked away to the meeting chamber.

Another tremor has toppled a statue right onto the grey leader guy!

The storyteller is angry and points out the obvious.

I've had enough of your lies!

Galinix tries to shift blame to the rebels.

Oh shit Galinix is the only one who can stop it!

And he's nervous as hell. This does not bode well.

I show the storyteller the proof but alas...

I am swept up and taken to the seal room.

You see why I couldn't tell why any of them were boys or girls?

Galinix falls to his death (I hope).

And now I am at the foot of the stairs. I need to pull my saves to dosbox and slow the shit out of this because this must be the timed part everyone talks about.

Dead people and a pillar thing that might hold the Ruby whenever I can find it.

Drake skeleton claws, I need them for a weapon I hope.

Roots maybe up top for the chef?

Is this the god damned puzzle thing? Ugh.

How the shit did the Draxans get here?

Galinix has fallen waaaaay top right. I hope he's dead.