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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 51: Casualties Post-Final Mission

+++ Administratum File System Prayer Applied +++
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Resuming previous report, Standby:

Servitor designation RLB0K assisting Administratum Scribe Heavily


Begin transcription 8:
Situation Update: It is done. Though cleanup will take decades, the main thrust of the conflict has been broken on the knee of the Emperor's Space Marines in less than a standard month, but at a horrendous cost.

Due to an intense period of astropathic interference, accurate data could not be gathered for several days. In the end I resolved to join the final assault on Typhon, as accurate records were critical to fulfill my mission. Would that I had never thought to do so. I now wear four augmetic fingers and soon an augmetic eye to pay the price for my folly, but worse still was my glimpse at the Space Marines in true combat. They yelled their battle cries, shouted their benedictions, but in the end they were so... impassive. Not even Avitus, who I thought took especial pleasure in death, allowed himself emotion.

What are the Space Marines? I knew they were, perhaps, more than human. But how far removed from humanity can one be and still be counted as one of us? "They shall know no fear" it is said, but of all the things in this galaxy I now fear them above all, even as all our hopes rest on them. And if a single war in a mere subsector can so drain a chapter, what hope is there at all?

All Xenos assaults on Subsector Aurelia are broken, and now all we can do is assess the damage.

Martyrs under the command of Commander Priad, advisory of RoboKy and Coolguye:

Initiates: 103 (+9)

Marines: 334 (+129)

-of which are designated;

Tactical 134 (of which 89 are Veterans) (+68)

Assault 101 (+35)

Devastator 99 (+26)

Under Captain Davian Thule:

Initiates: 10 (+4), Marines 1, Hero 1 (Davian Thule himself)

[Administratum note: this number may be somewhat inaccurate given the focus of existing combat reports from Commander Priad's squads]

Martyrs Per Deployment:
Mission 1: 6 Initiates (under Davian Thule)
Mission 2: 1 Initiates, 3 Marines
Missions 3-4: 4 Initiates, 11 Marines
Mission 5: 11 Marines
Mission 6: No Martyrs for the Emperor
Mission 7: 1 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 8: 4 Initiates, 1 Marine, 1 Hero (under Davian Thule:) 1 Initiates, 6 Marines (Under Priad)
Mission 9: 2 Marines
Mission 10: 8 Initiates, 15 Marines
Mission 11: 7 Initiates, 16 Marines
Mission 12: 1 Initiates, 10 Marines
Mission 13: 11 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 14: 9 Initiates, 5 Marines
Mission 15: 2 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 16: 4 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 17: 4 Initiates, 12 Marines (Return of Thule)
Mission 18: 2 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 19: 6 Initiates, 7 Marines
Mission 20: 1 Initiates
Mission 21: 25 Marines (Tactical Withdrawal)
Mission 22: 6 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 23: 15 Marines (Assault on Eldar Witch Idranel)
Mission 24: 7 Initiates, 6 Marines (Heroic Defense of Angel Gate)
Mission 25: 8 Initiates, 6 Marines (Defeat of Eldar Witch Idranel)
Mission 26: 18 Marines
Mission 27: 2 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 28: 4 Initiates, 8 Marines
Mission 29: 7 Initiates, 7 Marines (Defeat of Rippa-Splitta)
Mission 30: 3 Initiates, 2 Marines (Reclaiming of the Typhon Astronomic Array)
Mission 31: 0 Initiates, 24 Marines (Defeat of Warboss Bonesmasha)
Mission 32: 0 Initiates, 78 Marines (Defeat of the Eldar Daemon Avatar)
Mission 33: 1 Initiates, 5 Marines
Final Mission: 8 Initiates, 22 Marines (Defeat of the Hive Mind)

I thought I had witnessed the madness of war on seeing a third of a chapter consumed by a single conflict. I was proven wrong when the brother part of a whole company was swallowed by the fell Eldar Daemon, and then proven wrong again on Typhon. This file was nominally meant to be gathered for the purpose of constructing a post-conflict memorial to all the Martyrs of the chapter, but that deception is long past and now I speak plainly. Consider my terms of service to you ended, Inquisitor. May whatever proof you hoped to find in this record prove useful.

The fear has entered my heart now, and I know now that it shall never leave it again. The only thing this file memorializes is the musings of a man now broken and the simple statistics that foretell the Imperium's inevitable end.

Final Martyr Total for the Aurelia Campaign: 442 Blood Ravens, of which 108 are Initiates and 334 are Marines.

End transcription 8
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+++ Transcript complete, log cleansed+++
Great Success! Be sure to let me know if you want another one of these records for Chaos Rising.