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Part 1: Mission 2

“Commander. We have detected another episode in your vicinity. You can view it on either Youtube (Non-Polsy) or on Blip (Non-Polsy). We advise you use caution, as Coolguye has become twitchy without his grenades.”

New Content
All new descriptions added to their respective posts. Complete character skill trees and level progress are in the second post.


Scout Sergeant Cyrus – Few in the Blood Ravens can boast the battle experience that Cyrus possesses, not only as a warrior but as a teacher of those that would become Space Marines. He is thorough in his duty to fault, and even those who are fully fledged Battle Brothers may find he still has much to teach them.
In gameplay Cyrus has the most potential for exploitation. A combination of powerful weapon choices only he can access, some abilities he can come to possess and his squad's ability to cloak themselves can make for some overwhelming combinations.

Devastator Sergeant Avitus – Avitus is a Space Marine heavy with hate. He despises his foes, he despises many of his allies, and many of his brothers are wary of raising his ire in their direction. Avitus vents his hatred in the furious storm of heavy weaponry, taking satisfaction in the utter destruction he brings to his enemies.
Avitus is the heavy weapons guy, and his choice of weapons and abilities can result in a lot of your enemies being dead or suppressed. If you know what's coming in the level ahead and you give Avitus the right heavy weapon you can make your mission a hell of a lot easier. Just keep him protected from melee.


Heavy Bolter – A heavy weapon version of the Bolter, the Heavy Bolter fires out a stream of large explosive tipped self-propelled rounds. Due to rate and mass of its fire the Heavy Bolter is capable of quickly suppressing an enemy. As a heavy weapon it requires its user to deploy it before it can be fired and tear down again for its user to move.
Scourge of Xenos

New Bolter Acquired - Unforgiving Truth


Power Armour – The standard armour of the Space Marine. Made from thick ceramite it is capable of warding off the fiercest of blows and its systems grant its wearer increased strength. Due to the unique physical make-up of the Space Marine, their power armour is also directly interfaced with their body, granting them ease of movement and articulation in what would otherwise be cumbersome armour.
Improved Power Armour
Raven Mantle

Scout Armour – Armour worn by the Scout Initiates and their instructing Sergeants during their learning. It trades the strength and durability of Power Armour for a lower profile in both sight and sound.
Grim Silence


Demolition Charge Packs – Thrown explosive that deals heavy damage to anything in its blast radius, especially buildings and infantry hiding inside of buildings. Due to the fact that the packs run on a timer, mobile infantry can avoid taking damage by running out of the blast radius before the timer runs down.

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A lot of people are voting for skills way down the line, or telling us to build dual tree setups or whatever so I just want to remind everyone to read what you're actually voting for in the thread's opening post. Thanks!

All posts are updated! Feel free to peruse our two new characters and their upgrade trees.