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Part 2: Mission 3 and 4

“Commander. We have detected another episode in your vicinity. You can view it on either Youtube (Non-Polsy) or on Blip (Non-Polsy). This update is significantly larger than the previous ones, as it contains two missions. Please be advised the Lord Caffeinatus has been prepped for your use during this video”

New Content
All new descriptions added to their respective posts. Complete character skill trees and level progress are in the second post.


Techmarine Martellus – The senior Techmarine assigned to Davian Thule's defence of the Aurelian Sub-Sector, it is Martellus' role to oversee the maintenance of the Chapter's armouries and vehicles to ensure they do not fall into disrepair. He is stationed aboard the Strike Cruiser Armageddon.


Sniper Rifle – Looked down upon by most fully fledged Space Marines due to its common use as a means of silent and distant killing, the Sniper Rifle still find a place amongst its training Scouts who must master every weapon type available to them. The Sniper Rifle has extreme range, stopping power capable of instantly killing almost all infantry targets, and will almost always suppress a target it fires upon.
Honoured Silence

New Bolt Pistols acquired
Improved Bolt Pistol
Herald of the Coming Doom
Pistol of Baal

New Chainsword acquired
Blade of Ulyus

New Heavy Bolters acquired
Improved Heavy Bolter
Purge of Victory Bay
Furious Absolution


New Power Armour acquired
Mantle of the Great Father
Cuirass of Azariah
The Mantle of Kronus
Armour of Purgation
Armour of the Destroyer
Armour of Vandea

New Scout Armour acquired
Improved Scout Armour
Carapace of Purgation


Locator Beacon – Using this accessory allows the deployment of a single automated defence turret armed with twin-linked heavy bolters. This turret can suppress enemy units but is very lightly armoured. The amount of turrets you can deploy on a mission is tied to the number of Foundries captured on the planet of deployment.

Rosarius – A holy symbol of the Imperium commonly worn by Space Marine Chaplains or distinguished members of the Ecclesiarchy (The Cult of the Emperor), the Rosarius generates a barrier around the wearer that stops incoming fire. When used in game, this accessory envelops all deployed units in protective energy barriers, rendering them invincible for a short period of time. The amount of uses of the Rosarius you can have in a mission is tied to the number of Chapels you have captured on the planet of deployment.

Voting is now open for Force Commander, Tarkus, Cyrus and Avitus!

Edit: All profiles now up to date.