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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 13: Mission 17 and 18

Just so you all know, we recorded way too much stuff but wanted to show it all off so we've split it into two different videos for your viewing pleasure. See Avitus for part one, Derosa for part two. In addition as of the time of this post the Youtube upload for part two is still about 20 minutes from finishing, but all other video uploads including the Blip video for part 2 are complete and working.

“ Thank goodness you've returned Commander. While you were gone the Eldar got into the vents and started playing their atrocious musical instruments. Also one of the nobles broke a nail and won't stop crying about it. The planet is in uproar over it and we require your assistance immediately.

“Hold on a moment Administrator. I dared Thule to headbutt a Carnifex to death, and I'll be a Guardsman before I head to Meridian without watching him explode. We'll be on Typhon at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) for a while yet.”

“... very well. When your uh... business on Typhon is finished you can find the mission information for assisting Meridian at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy)”

“Also if I may Sergeant you seem intentionally abrasive.”

“I haven't even been listening to any of your inane babbling since this call started.”

New Content


Plasma Pistol – Though it is an extremely unstable technology the Imperium has still seen fit to use plasma weaponry in all the forms that the Tech Priests of Mars have recovered throughout the millenia. Lacking the range of the Plasma Gun, the Plasma Pistol is still capable of melting through most infantry armour and even in its smaller scale it is no less of a threat to its wielder should it overheat.
Blinding Revelation

Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield – The Thunder Hammer is a form of power weapon technology that stores its power charge until the weapon strikes its target, unleashing the energy in a blow that shatters armour and stuns vehicles. The Storm Shield generates a field upon its surface that enables it deflect or resist just about any weaponry short of that wielded by the most powerful of superheavy tank or titan. When used in combination by a Space Marine clad in Terminator Armour the enemy finds themselves facing a slow but nigh-indestructible foe who can in one strike reduce their finest war machines to scrap and render their greatest warriors to a bloody pulp.
Arms of Tanthius

New Bolter Acquired
Guardian of Faith

New Missile Launcher Acquired
Spear of Fire

New Power Fist Acquired

New Dreadnought Claw Acquired
Ork Crusher

New Power Sword Acquired
Superior Power Sword


New Power Armour Acquired
Honour of Terra
Gift of Mars

New Scout Armour Acquired
Raiment of Smoke

New Dreadnought Armour Acquired
Wisdom's Boon
Plating of the Risen Dead

Commander Items

New Battle Standard Acquired
Standard of Typhon

New Iron Halo Acquired
Stigmatum Sanguinius

New Teleport Pack Acquired
Command Teleporter


New Purity Seal Acquired
Prayer of Steel

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