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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 31: Mission 7

“Commander, we have identified energy signatures on Typhon commonly linked to Eldar activity. We recommend you analyse the data at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) and respond in the manner you feel appropriate. Angelos out.”

“You know, the Commander is always so quiet when we're not on missions.”

“Sometimes silence is a virtue, Sergeant.”

“Insulting me aside, it's just strange that he says so little then when we're in missions he... he...”

“His war cry is potent, yes. But there is a reason for this.”

“You act like you understand the Commander well, Tarkus. Please, share your wisdom.”

“It's simple. Thanks to a clerical error, the groin-section of his armour is of a tighter size than would be recommended.”

“Hold a moment Sergeant Tarkus. Are you implying that the Commander is so inspiring because when he runs into combat...”

“Sometimes the armour segments pinch.”

“I... I'm going to go sit down and try not to imagine that.”

“I never thought I would agree with Thaddeus but... I think I shall go do likewise.”

“That is... incredibly disturbing, Sergeant Tarkus. But it can't possibly be true.”

“It isn't. I just like those brief moments I can make those two shut their prayer-holes.”

New Content


Multi-Melta – The Multi-Melta works as its name suggests, by having two melta guns firing simultaneously its area of influence is far greater. Still very short ranged and more effective the closer it is to its target, the multi-melta leaves very little of said target behind when it fires.
Swift Multi-Melta


New Terminator Armour Acquired
Daedus' Tomb

New Librarian Armour Acquired
Coronet of Ice

Voting is now open for Tarkus and Jonah!

So the truth comes out! It turns out Typhon has been hiding a fallen Craftworld all along! I can see why the Eldar would have burned the entire surface to ash to make it unpalatable to the Tyranids. This isn't the last we'll be seeing of that plot point.