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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 32: Mission 8

“Commander, we've received a Blood Ravens distress signal from the surface of Typhon at the site of the Astronomic Array. View the briefing at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) and proceed for immediate deployment.”

“Another distress signal? Why can't our brothers stay out of trouble? We turn away for half a second and suddenly we're dropping down to help out another whelp too weak to help themselves.”

“Maybe if you shared some of the wargear with the rest of the Chapter Sergeant Avitus, then they would be better equipped for these scenarios.”

“I need those for my project! Maybe if Brother Martellus wasn't gone I could have had a Tech Marine willing to approve my mobile battle-throne design! Then we wouldn't need anyone else in the Chapter!”

“Sorry Brother, but Avitus Z is obviously tech-heresy.”

“I will admit the eye-mounted twin-linked Lascannons are a nice touch.”

“The rocket propelled giant bundle of Power Fists are a bit much though.”


New Content


Terminator Lightning Claws – The reach and killing efficiency of a Lightning Claw is often employed in pairs by members of Terminator Assault Squads expecting to be facing infantry in heavy armour.
Terminator Lightning Claws

New Flamer Acquired
Pestilent Spewer (Corrupting)

New Terminator Assault Cannon Acquired
Relic Assault Cannon

New Lightning Claw Acquired
Talons of Faith (Redeeming)


New Dreadnought Armour Acquired
Myrmidon Plate


New Purity Seal Acquired
Blessing of Mikelus


Salvaged Armour
Salvaged Weaponry

Voting is now open for Dreadnought! Also vote on who shall receive the Salvaged Armour and Salvaged Weaponry! Remember that what you receive changes depending on whether or not the unit is in Terminator Armour or not.

And for those interested, for the previous voting Tarkus gets Feel No Pain and Jonah gets Battle Lust!