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Part 43: Accessories


Stimulant Kit – A field kit used to instantly restore incapacitated squad leaders, and for healing the user and other squads nearby still on their feet.

Frag Grenades – Thrown explosives that are effective against enemies that are grouped together, hiding in buildings or hiding in cover. Especially deadly against light infantry, but mostly ineffective against vehicles. Also causes knockdown.

Demolition Charge Packs – Thrown explosive that deals heavy damage to anything in its blast radius, especially buildings and infantry hiding inside of buildings. Due to the fact that the packs run on a timer, mobile infantry can avoid taking damage by running out of the blast radius before the timer runs down.

Locator Beacon – Using this accessory allows the deployment of a single automated defence turret armed with twin-linked heavy bolters. This turret can suppress enemy units but is very lightly armoured. The amount of turrets you can deploy on a mission is tied to the number of Foundries captured on the planet of deployment.

Rosarius – A holy symbol of the Imperium commonly worn by Space Marine Chaplains or distinguished members of the Ecclesiarchy (The Cult of the Emperor), the Rosarius generates a barrier around the wearer that stops incoming fire. When used in game, this accessory envelops all deployed units in protective energy barriers, rendering them invincible for a short period of time. The amount of uses of the Rosarius you can have in a mission is tied to the number of Imperial Shrines you have captured on the planet of deployment.

Signum – The Signum is a targeting device that is used to co-ordinate fairly accurate artillery strikes made by Planetary Defence Forces or Imperial Guard on the planet. When used the Signum calls down a barrage of shots on a position that will annihilate most infantry and buildings hit directly. The amount of uses a Signum has during a mission is dependant on how many Communication Arrays you have captured on the planet of deployment.

Blind Grenades – When detonated a Blind Grenade releases a bright flash of energy that incapacitates rather than harms its targets. When struck by a Blind Grenade's blast an enemy unit will be stunned for a short period of time. Blind grenades do not work on vehicles or infantry units that are inside of a building.

Purity Seals – Before battle a Space Marine may see fit to inscribe a prayer onto a piece of parchment that relates to his goals, feelings or needs in the coming mission. This parchment is then affixed to his armour by seals made of wax. Many believe that these Purity Seals protect the wearer against corruption or harm when fighting, and whether this is true or they merely inspire the Space Marine to greater confidence they seem to work.
Prayer of the Righteous
Oath of Loyalty
Light of the Astronomican
Oath of Victory
Epitaph of the Martyr
Hymn of Zeal
Prayer of Steel
Humble Supplication
Oath of the Crusader
Benediction of Hate
Prayer of Resilience
Psalm of Decimation
Rite of Holy Fury
Pledge of Service
Prayer of the Righteous
Hymn of Fury
Oath of Uncompromised Victory (Redeeming)
Blessing of Mikelus
Faith of the Initiate (Redeeming)
Dirge of the Eradicator
Heart of the Just (Redeeming)

Melta Bombs – Resembling a somewhat large grenade, Melta Bombs are explosive charges designed to detonate with intense thermal heat when activated. This thermal energy is capable of melting anything caught within its radius and as such is commonly deployed against the vulnerable parts of vehicles or used to bring down buildings or breach thick barriers.

Cluster Mines – When attached to a Space Marine Company for their training, a Scout unit will often find itself acting on intel gathering and attacking targets of opportunity far from the main points of conflict. To assist in any ambushes these Initiates may undertake the Scout Sergeant may bring Cluster Mines on the mission, and lure enemies into carefully prepared traps. These small proximity-activated mines deal a large amount of damage to enemy infantry, but have negligible effect on vehicles.

Remote Detonation Pack – Another of the many tools given to a Space Marine Scout as part of their training, a Remote Detonation Pack is the ultimate tool for mass destruction and ambush. By utilising remote detonation instead of a timer or impact trigger the detonation pack can be planted and then activated at the leisure of the Scout unit, giving them ample time to move to a safe distance. A Remote Detonation Pack is effective against any target, be they infantry, vehicle or structure.

Cyclone Missile Launcher – Terminator armour is not merely highly protective, but contains effective stabilising systems that make carrying and firing otherwise unwieldy weapons whilst on the move a viable option. The Cyclone Missile Launcher is in essence a rack mounted across the top of the armour and utilising special firing methods that keeps the armour's wearer able to wield his standard weapons normally, and allows said Marine to launch a salvo that saturates enemy positions and lays waste to all in its area. The only drawback the launcher has is its limited ammo capacity, and its positioning on Terminator armour making loading new missiles in the midst of combat an impossibility without an accompanying servitor unit and Techmarine handler.

Rites of Repair – The Techmarines who tend to the needs of a Chapter's weapons and vehicles are taught their craft on Mars where the Adeptus Mechanicus holds sway. Believing in a Machine God incarnation of The Emperor the Mechanicus teaches much of its ways through prayers and rites. Though the more complicated ones are beyond most, the simplest rites can be taught to Marine machine crews or those who may find themselves needing to repair a vehicle in the midst of combat, allowing it to continue to function till it returns to the care of a Techmarine.

Drop Pod Beacon – Space Marines are famous for their Drop Pod assaults, the hefty atmospheric entry carriers barely slowing as they plunge to the ground to disgorge battle ready warriors. By using a beacon a Space Marine Commander may call down reinforcements with pin-point accuracy, and should the Drop Pod strike down on an enemy position there will usually be little left for the Marines aboard to fight when they disembark.

Orbital Bombardment Beacon – Space Marine forces favour combat where they strike hard and suddenly against a weak enemy point. Force Commanders are therefore given a wide variety of tools to aid them in creating or exploiting such weaknesses. One of the most devastating of these tools is the clearance to call down a bombardment from a vessel stationed in orbit. By using a targeting beacon the Force Commander enables pin-point orbital strikes to be called down exactly where it is needed to annihilate the enemy.

Smoke Grenades – Lightly armoured as they are a Scout unit cannot openly engage enemy forces without great cost and must rely on every technique available to avoid direct conflict, or if it is unavoidable then to make it go in their favour. Smoke Grenades are a means to shroud an area in a thick white fog that disorients the enemy whilst concealing the Scouts. The precious seconds bought by these grenades can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Litanies of Vigour – There are many texts and prayers used by those in the Imperium that carry the power to move some individuals to action beyond what they were capable. The Litanies of Vigour are inspirational pieces written to stir a Space Marine to continue on even when exhausted. In gameplay terms each use replenishes the energy of its user and anyone within its radius of effect.

Psychic Tomes – The vaults of a Chapter's Librarium contain tales of ancient deeds and forbidden knowledge in equal measure, and amongst the many tomes that exist within a Chapter's collection some are useful to those gifted with psychic abilities. Containing litanies and instructions for casting various powers these tomes carry within them a power that a Space Marine Librarian may tap in order to do anything from conjure fire from their fingertips to alter the flow of time around a singular point.
Tome of Wrath
Tome of Mist
Tome of Time
Tome of Might
Tome of Power
Tome of Force
Tome of Fire
Tome of the Vortex
Tome of Quickening

Book of Lorgar (Corrupting) – Lorgar was the first Primarch to worship Chaos, and orchestrated the conflict that became known as the Horus Heresy. His Word Bearers Legion often carry copies of the many tomes he has penned dictating rites and practices for the worship of the Chaos Gods, and within them burns horrible power.

Orbs of the Omnissiah – Sometimes referred to as Haywire Grenades, the Orbs of the Omnissiah are designed to disable vehicles. Though the charge they release when detonating does no damage, the electromagnetic pulse will temporarily render even alien technology inert, unresponsive and most importantly of all defenceless.


Expendable Items – Some items gained over the course of a campaign may have little or no use to an active Space Marine force. In these cases these items may be donated to the Chapter's record-keeping Librarium. In gameplay terms these items when donated may grant squads a substantial experience bonus, or turn the donated item into wargear, or other functions.
Contemplation of the Codex
Honorifica Corvis
Oath of Penance
First Gift of the Artificiers
Salvaged Armour
Salvaged Weaponry
Greater Oath of Penance
The Fate of Galan
Greater Contemplation of the Codex
Bionic Implants
Second Gift of the Artificiers
Gift of the Iron Traitor