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Part 3: Random Roundup 1

Random Roundup 1

Today we won’t be advancing the plot so much as showing off a few unnecessary easter eggs and other assorted actions, courtesy mostly of Nidoking and the deaths list from the walkthrough. You see, while the SCUMM engine is officially in use at this point, LucasArts’ design philosophy of “never kill the player” has yet to be implemented. Does it make MM a better game? That’s for you to decide (hint: there’s only one save game you can ever have at once).

First off, there’s a certain activity one can engage in which has been hinted at in Day of the Tentacle. Let’s start off by saying that the door behind Razor here is Weird Ed’s.

First, make sure that everyone is out of Ed’s line of sight. Razor can easily duck into Fred’s room, for instance, and still be close enough to raid Ed’s bedroom.

Next, get a kid outside to play Ding Dong Ditch with the doorbell. Make sure he’s either off the screen to the right or hiding in the kitchen to avoid Ed’s wrath.

Once Ed leaves, you have maybe 30-45 seconds before he returns. Normally, you’re supposed to nab the hamster to get to the purple thing hidden behind it, but for now we’re merely going to steal the furry fellow.

Make sure to wait in an adjoining room for a while to make sure you don’t find Ed on the way back.

Next you...well, you can see what happens next. I should add that out of all the kids, only Syd and Razor are heartless enough to do this.

Leaving it in there is bad enough when Ed decides to go on a food raid.

However, the real results come from delivering what’s left in person.

Ed usually gives you a few seconds to give him something before he takes you to the dungeon. This is where you’re supposed to give him his package or some food or something. Instead, Razor is giving him what’s left of his hamster.

Wait! What IS that? It has bits of fur like my hamster’s!

Don’t mess with Ed. He loves his hamster very much. Although he did go through the trouble of carving you an epitaph:

The game can still be completed with only two kids, but any more than that and you’re basically sunk. Plus the dead kid’s stuff can’t be recovered, and it’s a pretty morbid thing to do.

Anyway, Razor’s not so smart, so we’re going to keep going with this. Obtaining the silver key is part of the main quest sequence, so I won’t go into how I get it just yet. Suffice to say that it opens the back door in the pantry.

You can also grab a big, empty glass jar from the pantry and fill it with pool water.

It’s pretty easy to microwave, too. Now, chlorine as a gas? That’s pretty bad news.

But it turns out Dr. Fred’s been using the pool to cool his nuclear power generator. While I doubt hard water as a gas would kill you instantly like this, it is one of the very real Very Bad Things to Do around Nuclear Waste.

These aren’t all the ways to kill off the cast, but they’re basically all I can get to for the moment, so look forward to further roundups in the future. Oh, and one last thing:

It seems that Bernard’s phobia of tentacles only extends to when they are being hostile, which would explain why he didn’t simply scoff at the letter and throw it away when DotT began.

Oh yes, and what was on that mystery record?

Still some fuckin' rad shit.

See you next time!