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Part 12

Make it whole again.

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Cyanide Systems Offline, by Jason Graves.
 At Doom's Gate, by id Software. 

Warning: the Schadenfreude videos are a bit loud. You may want to turn it down. I can re-edit, if people prefer.

Mission Objectives

"Isaac Clarke" posted:

Bring the Loader to the Shuttle
I need a mobile loading platform to move the Marker. There should be one attached to the track somewhere around here.

Open the Supply Depot Door
I'll have to drag the Marker through the colony. The door to the Supply Depot is offline. I need to find a Power Cell to get it working again.

Take Marker to Pedestal Site
Nicole said something about a Pedestal Chamber. I need to bring the Marker there and plug it back into the pedestal somehow. According to Dr. Kyne, that should trap the Hive Mind back into the core of the planet. Kendra had said that the Marker was responsible for starting the Necromorph infection. Somehow it must have the power to also contain the creatures.

Restore Power to the Bridges
I don't know where Nicole went, but she said I need to restore power to the bridges. There's a zero-g maintenance tube nearby that should have a power grid inside.

Return to the Shuttle
Is Kendra right... am I losing my mind? Nicole was dead this entire time. A hallucination created by the Marker. This whole time, it was the Marker pushing me to return it to the planet. It's sentient... alive in some way. And now Kendra has it again. I've got to get back to the shuttle and get off of the planet before the chunk smashes into it!

* As mentioned in the video, P-SEC officer Bram Neumann is one of the main characters in the Dead Space comic, and was there when things went south. It's nice to see them get some continuity right for a change.
* The first time I played the game, I had the settings on minimum due to some technical issues. So instead of Nicole vanishing in a blaze of light and particles, she just despawned. Rather unceremonious.

Continuity Issues
* The structure of the colony is just plain wrong. In the comic and movie, the Marker's pedestal is shown a considerable distance away from the main base, away from the main excavation crater. They had to go out of their way to build a track there. And yet here, it's right next to the main base.
* The atmosphere of Aegis is portrayed rather oddly. In the movie, people are always seen outside with full protective gear, almost identical to Isaac's basic uniform. In the comic, they can go outside using only a gas mask. And here, Kendra wanders around without any protection whatsoever.
* Kendra moves the Marker automatically down a track that doesn't have any power.
* Not only that, but if we were to backtrack and investigate before placing the Marker, we would find that all of the airlock doors are sealed. She somehow managed to phase through locked doors, pull the Marker back before we returned to the pad, and almost escape.
* Considering that it was the government who built and tested the Marker, why does Kendra want to bring it with her? They still have the original. They know what this one does. Kendra could have just flown away, delivered her report, and not be torn into fleshy little chunks. Hell, if anything, retrieving the Marker would have put HQ in even more danger than just leaving it on the planet.
* Nicole's appearance doesn't fit with the other "ghosts" in the series. The visions in the movie and comic generally take the form of blurred blue outlines of the deceased. Nicole, meanwhile, is fully corporeal. yes, I know it makes more sense this way in terms of plot, shut up

New Enemies
This is it. The final showdown. It's... underwhelming, but still a lot of fun. The Hive Mind has two main stages. First, it'll roar at you while smashing the ground with its tentacles. Be warned: the shockwave from the roar can knock you over. But in doing so, it reveals a set of fleshy nodes around the mouth. Blow up all but two of the nodes, and it'll grab you. You have to take out the rest before the sequence ends, or you're dead.

Phase two. The Hive Mind will strike four times, twice with each tentacle, exposing its hearts in between each cycle. Take them all out, and bam, dead. You'll want to keep your distance when it collapses - I don't think it can kill you in its death throes, but better safe than sorry.

Evading the tentacles is easy, as long as you keep moving. When it's about to strike, the tentacle will rear back. As long as you move away, it probably won't hit you. And even if it does, the damage isn't too bad.

If I recall correctly, the first time I played, it spat out a couple of Twitchers. However, it's never happened since, and I don't know what triggers it. Speed, maybe. It shall remain a mystery, I guess.

New Clues
* The Marker has its own independent intelligence, probably some kind of AI.
* Nicole's been dead the whole time. Every one of her broadcasts was a hallucination; every encounter was a fabrication. The Marker wanted to be returned to the planet, so it presented something that would motivate Isaac. Just like it used "Amelia" to motivate Kyne. It wanted to stop the Necros, so it made us want to stop them, as well.

Bonus Stuff
The planetcrack crater. This shot was actually used on the back of the game box.
"And here we've got a fantastic view of an insanity-inducing artifact. Remember, you have to pay the rent up front."
A rather ominous shot of the Marker.
The final, gooey hallway. Looking much cleaner than usual.

Oh, and I found some random concept art on my hard drive! I forgot to post it earlier, because I am dense.
Fuck Detox, we've got Retox. Methinks it's time for a drink.
It's a very bright, sanitary place to live.
Remember this, from way back when? I died in this corridor to prove a point! Haha, memories.
We need 20 CCs of renovations, stat.

Terashell posted:

TMWAT, I need you to do something for me...

 Next time you get a baby pounced on you, dub in "Kick the baby!" 

It's been running through my head, and it needs to be done.
Well, that's definitely going in the Tour Guide run.

Kerris posted:

This is unexpected.
shit just got real, son

Jade Star posted:

Player 1 is Isaac and Player 2 is Isaacs feet gained awareness and hunger for meat to stomp on.

*I no longer control the feet... the feet... control... me!

Teledahn posted:

You aught to show us that telling single frame in the final cut-scene.
Assuming that you mean the one Khatva mentioned earlier, about Isaac clutching his head... I couldn't find it. I went through frame-by-frame, but really, all I found was this. Which, while unsettling, doesn't mean a lot. Still, if anybody has the image and wants to share, feel free. also, every time I see it, I just think "hiiiii hunnnnnneeeeeee"

Now, I've got a final analysis of the game's plot, but I'm not going to post it quite yet. I figured that newcomers would want a chance to discuss and theorize.  It includes details about the experimentations behind the Necros on Aegis VII, Nicole's semicorporeality, some speculation on the origins of the Marker, et cetera.  It'll be posted pretty soon, though. And don't worry, the Tour Guide runs are still in progress - they're just going to take a while. I'm kinda bogged down at the moment. The final credit sequence will go up once all of those are done.