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Part 5: Day 3 - Now in a readable format

Day 3 – Now in a readable format

We voted to have Al search the case and give the tools to Yuri. Rest at 33%, stop searching at 100-150% food.

Al seems to have pretty decent stats, so he should do a lot better than Yuri at this.

Oh dear.

It moves awfully fast for a bizzaro-crab thing, and managed to pinch Al pretty good.

Let's see if it was worth it.

We found some fabric for crafting bandages.

A psychology magazine, which will let us boost the discussion skill.

A box of chocolate, which we can give to someone for a -20% depression.

And some painkillers, which reduce injury by 20%.

We give Yuri the tools for a good boost to his crafting.

And here are the morning assignments. Everyone with a >33% fatigue was sent to rest. Now let's see what they can accomplish.

Most of the stuff from the plane is stuff we have seen before.

Meat is another unhealthy food item, which give a slightly larger hunger benefit for a slightly larger sickness penalty.

Here are the stats after all that work is done. Winters did manage to explore a new square all by herself, so lets see what she found.

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore.

I hope he is friendly.

It looks like we can try two things on him. We can search him...

Or we can see if he can speak a human language.

Since Jacob, Julia, and Alice are all rested up, I shuffle our people around for the afternoon session. Alice and Julia are off in the Jungle to the right. Now let us speed up time and see what the rest of the day brings.

It looks like Jacob was able to finish up the research on his own. Now we can gather fruit (but only after another building project).

We don't have quite enough material left to make our fruit basket, but at least we have the basket.
Alice and Julia manage to finish exploring right before the goodnight cutscene.

Harsh. It looks like Al is not as smooth as his Discussion skill level implies.

We have plenty of food, so everyone gets a bite tonight.

Here are the stats at the start of the Day 4.

And here is our current island map. Now that we are off the peninsula, we have some options for exploring. But first, let's see what that new red event is (white is where the weirdo is).

Just a bunch of non-swingable vines. What can we do with them?

We can search them (only once)...

Cut them (obviously destroying them)...

Hunt the monkeys (tearing up the vines in the process)...

Or play with the monkeys (which does not seem to have a limit)

The choices for Day 4 are:
How do we deal with the Old Guy?
What do we do with the vines?
Which way do we explore?
Do we use any items?
Do we change any task assignments?

Current Jobs-
Scavenge the Plane (1 person max)
Craft (2 people max)
Research (2 people max)
Rest (3 people max)
Chat (no max)
Explore (3 people max)

Current Usable Items-
Toolbox (+5 Crafting)
Psychology magazine (+5 Discussion)
Fishing Bait (+5 Fishing)
Spices (+5 Cooking)
Coffee (-10% Fatigue & Depression)
Medicinal Herbs (-3% Sickness)
Painkillers (-20% Injury)
Chocolate (-20% Depression)