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Part 33: Day 31 - On the hunt

Day 31 – On the hunt

The game has been updated since last time, but most of the changes are behind the hood. The big one for us is the degradation of our stations. Here is what you can see by clicking on the stations:

All of ours start off at 100% condition, but we will need to maintain them later on to keep them in shape.

We wanted to see if we could pray with the monkies, so let's see what we get:

And we get nothing. Not even a depression reduction. I blame the soviet atheism at work here.

AM Tasks

Illyana – Rest

Al & Yuri – Craft the hunting gear (Result – 97% complete)

Jacob & Bob – Fish (Result –

Good enough. Neither of them has much depression, so I will have them fish again in the afternoon.

Alice, Winters, & Julia – Explore (Result – Found an enormous marble hand and 47% complete on the next zone)

One of the other changes is in exploration. Now we can finish one location and start exploring the next in the same time period. Because of this, we can now explore with a large group and find new areas much quicker. Today, we find this weird hand and are already halfway to the next area.

Julia and Yuri leveled up in the AM, so I give Julia six constitution and six discussion, while Yuri only gets six discussion.

PM Tasks

Jacob & Bob – Fish (Result –

Good, but roughly half will rot away before we can cook them tomorrow.

Al – Finish crafting the hunting gear

Now that we have this, we can have Bob and Jacob split up and work alone for a change. Hunting is a bit more consistent in supplying food, but it causes a small amount of injury each time you do it, and injury is the hardest malus to cure.

Illyana – Research (Result – 52%)

Yuri – Cook (Result – 6x fish become 6x tasty meals)

Alice, Winters, & Julia – Explore (Result – found a wooden crate and 89% complete on the next zone)

Not a major find, but we might find something good inside. The day is getting late so we will investigate it tomorrow.


The plot thickens. Now that we know that Julia is interested in every man that she is not married to, we need to decide if we want to help her on her mission. If we want to, we can pair her up with one of these guys when they are working, and see if she can get closer to her target.

Current Status:

I am not sure where Yuri got that sickness from. He must have gotten a point or two a few days ago, and then it just multiplied on its own. Today he managed to contaminate Illyana and give her a few points, so it looks like I will need to pick a few more herbs to deal with it.

Current Goals:

We want to start making the infirmary, but we also have some choices about various things. We have some options to try with the hand, and we need to decide if we want to let Julia get closer to any of her targets.

Current Jobs-
Scavenge the Plane (1 person max)
Harvesting fruit (2 people max)
Craft (2 people max)
Research (2 people max)
Rest (3 people max)
Chat (no max)
Explore (3 people max)
Scavenging Wood/Rope/Stone/Herbs (2 people max)
Fishing (2 people max)
Cook (1 person max)

Current Items-
Toolbox (+5 Crafting)
Psychology magazine (+5 Discussion)
Fishing Bait (+5 Fishing)
Spices (+5 Cooking)
Coffee (-10% Fatigue & Depression)
2x Medicinal Herbs (-3% Sickness)
1x Painkillers (-20% Injury)
Chocolate (-20% Depression)
2x Ancient Knowledge (+1 to all Skills)
Miracle Potion (-10% to all Hazards)
101 Sudoku (+5 Intelligence)
1x First Aid Mag. (+5 Medicine)
Empty Bottle
4x Ginseng Juice (-20% Fatigue)
3x Drugs – Cures sickness, but cannot use without the proper tech
Smelly Cheese (-20% Hunger, + 10% Sickness)
3x Bandage - Cures injury, but cannot use without the proper tech
2x Rum (+/-10% Hunger, Sickness, & Depression)
8x Soy Sprouts (decrease hunger from 1-5%)
3x Dried Meals (decrease hunger from 10-15%)
Healing Water (-20% sickness)
1x Cursed Fiance Ring (-20% Fatigue, + 10% Depression)
Fire crystal (-20% to all negative states)
1x Decoy (+5 Hunting)
3x Skull (???)
4x Happy mushrooms (-20% depression, +10% sickness)
1x Binoculars (+5 Exploration)
Camouflage Cloak (+5 stealth)
Misc crafting materials