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Part 2: Episode 2 - Gun Shines, Ice Floes

Episode 2!

Let's take a peeky-peek around this side of the complex, try out some new guns, and shake our boot menacingly at one of the villains in their far off lair. I don't mention it in the video, but is dual-wielding a thing? It happens so much in the promo art I have to assume so, coupled with the interface's right hand/left hand system goin' on. Although Colt has no problems using his left hand for a grenade/hackamajig with a two handed weapon, they are listed out in weapon details as "handling: 2-handed". Worth doing more science at!

- Attention

The "Horizon" is mentioned and conspicuously capitalized here, but I don't believe we've gotten information as to what that is yet.

EricFate posted:

I remember watching someone stream this game, and how enthusiastic they were. But over the course of the three hours they played, it crashed twice, deleting all their progress each time -- at which point they stopped playing and never streamed it again. I'll be curious to see what an actual playthrough looks like now that it is (hopefully) more stable.

It's rock solid for me thus far! There is a way to reset all of Colt's progress, but that's a big shiny button I'm not touching until we get through the meat of the game; there's already a few little experiments I want to run for bonus content. Otherwise, runs smooth, no crashes, no lost progress! Knock on wood.

Rubix Squid posted:

Who even needs guns when you have a perfectly good machete.

So far all my cleanest fights have been when I just went to town on a crowd of partygoers with the machete. Boy, that's a sentence that'll get me on a watch list, whoops

Anyways, smart money says there is a/multiple trinkets for the machete, which excites the imagination. If there are trinkets for the Boot I will subsequently forget I even have arms.