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Original Thread: Deathloop: All-day pain belief



Welcome to Let's Play Deathloop!

Deathloop is a game by Arkane Lyon, who along with their sibling studio in Austin TX have made a great many of my favorite games over the years, all the way back to the charming if frequently baffling Arx Fatalis, to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the Dishonored games, and System Shock 3 Prey/Prey Mooncrash. Important elements of all those games come into play in this one, from the incredibly specific (Dark Messiah's MIGHTY BOOT lives strong in our protag's soul. And Boot) to the more conceptual (Loop based narrative puzzle solving and incremental progress like in Mooncrash).

I am going into this as blind as can be; naturally I had read pre-release materials so I know the general concept of the game and setting - there's a time loop involved, it's magical spy fiction, and we're gonna have to find out how to kill a bunch of folks in a single loop. I don't know how story heavy the game intends to be, or if it's mostly going to be setting and gameplay immersion doing the lifting - but it's gorgeous, the combat is immediately visceral and satisfying, and you'll have to take me at my word that it is a tall effort not to binge play ahead. I don't think my capture setup or hard drive would appreciate twelve hours of footage at full resolution.

We'll be shooting for approximately one to two videos per week, with more if I cannot contain my excitement. I am an easily excited kind of fellow, after all. The first video is going to be long, but by and large we're shooting for the 20-30 minute range past that; just want to get through the railroaded section and really start exploring as soon as I'm able.

As it's mostly blind, I do request Spoilers in tags, please! The game is really neat and there's bound to be cool and unexpected approaches to situations that I didn't consider, but as a rule of thumb if you're not sure if something's a spoiler or not, tag it to be safe. Additionally, as it's mostly blind, I apologize that I'm going to miss something glaringly obvious, see it in post, and hope that no one else caught it (someone else will always catch it). It's a learning experience!

So, with no further ado, let's loop some death!

(Episode 1 Post)

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Thanks for watching!
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