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Part 6: Episode 6 - Me told me to

Episode 6!

This is an important one that unlocks a super important mechanic! Also we go see the Doctor, that happens too.

- How well do YOU know
- Gifts from the Anomaly
- Unknown unkowns
- To Reap What You Sow

Is anybody else worried about the 'ravaging' mentioned in the Gifts document? No, just me? Alright, we'll focus on the shiny stuff instead. Anyways, now that I have autonomy - I can choose where we're going, what leads we're following! - I'm of course going to let you all take it away from me. That's right, it's


Where are we going next?

A - We haven't seen Karl's Bay yet, and we should 'meet' Harriet
B - Seems like Frank is the only one of the visionaries that genuinely likes us, let's say hi in Fristad
C - Heck with killin', let's go back to the Complex and figure out that HALPS

As mentioned, this choice will go for a couple videos because I'm going to do a long-form exploration of whichever zone we pick to more thoroughly look for secrets, work on puzzles, that sort of thing! Given the time-period nature of the game of course I won't see everything, but it's worth getting a baseline down and not feeling so lost all the time.