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Part 30: Bonus 6 - Protect the Loop

Bonus Episode!

We're taking a curated look at the Protect the Loop multiplayer side of things today! It's a fun little distraction to test your map knowledge and general sneakiness; as it should be Colt has the advantage of three lives to play with, at the tradeoff of Julianna having friendly NPCs and turrets. Starting out at low Hunter Rank is a bit rough just for want of options, but that changes up pretty quickly. All in all I dig it; it's a lot of fun and gives some cosmetic unlocks on the Colt side of things as well.

We won't be seeing them in the LP but the upgrades for Masquerade: Heal you on copying an NPC/Let you have up to 3 Masqueraded NPCs at once/Protect you from damage and let you shoot guns while disguised/automatically tag Colt if he kills a disguised NPC. Now those I could see being useful! Without upgrades it does feel like a waste of power, though, save fishing for that one achievement if you're into that sort of thing.