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Part 16: Episode 14 - MY SECURITY IS YES

Episode 14!

My goodness, the Manor has a lot going on, and not just a lot of guests. It has a lot of guests, don't get me wrong; enough of them that any semblance of planning or thoughtful gameplay went out the window, crawled bloody and terrified back in the window, and got thrown right back out it again. There's a lot of violence here! And I was trying to be sneaky about it! Still, big ups to the Unstoppable Force trinket, which seemed like the dumbest choice I could have made going in but which saved my ass more than once. Next time we come back I'll get the document I missed up in Aleksis' bedroom, as well as exploring what messing with the taps can give us.

- Obituary Fragment. This one seems like it has some huge implications! Colt even comments on it, albeit just with a 'huh'.
- A Reason To Love

The mixer puzzle works for singling him out, but with the power of hindsight I should have had some idea what I was doing after singling him out. Besides shotgun and cry, that is.


Sepulchra Breteira

It's a sniper rifle. It rifles snipes. Basically the Rapier with three in the magazine, a scope, and a much higher kill range at the tradeoff of not being able to reliably hipshot. Current favorite weapon for me; get me that and the Trencher and I'm set for all occasions.