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Part 10: Episode 9 - That sound bad!

Episode 9!

As mentioned in the video, I've been playing around with how to do practice/test runs on a single-save-file-autosaving-game and I think I've landed on a happy medium that doesn't advance my save but which also lets me avoid the frantic blundering of trying to do everything live. And yeah, dropkick is the bee's knees.

- Intelligence Archives Access
- The Icebox
- Horizon Bunkers
- Gas Drainage Protocols
- Scrawled Screed
- Order of Operations

Going forward, I'm thinking of doing bonus videos for some of these 'side quests'; the weird and cool leads we've got such as the Man Behind Glass, getting into the Intelligence archives, etc. that seem like followable, achievable lines of inquiry but which don't merit their own Visionary or Arsenal leads. If that's a poor idea, someone who's played the game blink three times.

Also, I'd mentioned the "Ode to Somewhere" song that got stuck in my head playing and editing this level, enjoy a clean version of it!