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Part 28: Episode 23 - ...impossible! You bastard!

Episode 23!

In which we explore Fristad Rock and find out that Fia has one last all-or-nothing gimmick for us! And also that her and Charlie's relationship is totally, entirely healthy. She was already vying for my 'most hated visionary' based on presented traits but hoo boy she is putting in the overtime for the belt there, isn't she?

- An Argument Against AEON - This one doesn't give us as much reason to paint Colt per se as the bad guy as I thought it would, but does a *lot* of worldbuilding on its own. Seems the whole rest of the world is dealing with a plague of some sort, and AEON is just rich folks moving away to their special island where dying isn't a concern, and bringing the few necessary serfs along with. Of course, the only real-world point to rich people fucking off to their own island is when they *do* die, preferably in hilarious and preventable ways. Still, it does make the spies' betrayal make a bit more sense!

Mirov, though. I want to say we've seen that name referenced before, but I couldn't tell you where off the top of my head.

- Salt-scented page

A few more items from today on our loose ends wrap-up, but we shall not be deterred from our mission. We've got a party to crash, and I've got just the something planned to crash it.