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Part 21: Episode 17 - Lubricates the shaft

Osmosisch posted:

Thanks for doing this, I love the thoughtful blind approach, and your commentary and voice are really nice, and the interstitial about your first invader cracked me up.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm just having an absolute blast playing it, so I'm glad to hear folks are enjoying.


Episode 17!

Two and a half birds with one stone on this dive into Fristad Rock, though I don't think we'll be coming back this loop to check out the lovers' bunker. This is because I want to get Updaam/Karl's Bay while I have the Horizon Bunkers powered and for no other reason whatsoever.

- Always Prepared. Missed this one in Fia's Office earlier
- Reassignment
- Typed Form
- On Schedule
- Classified Information. This one is our real big goddamn bombshell, as well as Lead-crucial to getting further into the RAK bunker. Facetious request to change the thread name to Deathloop: Every Day is Father's Day


The H.A.L.P.S. Prototype is a beast of a weapon that, importantly, does not appear to do damage. It kills people very quickly, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't do health damage - rather, it seems to increase a 'heat' bar which, when full, kills the target. I say this because when I freed it I didn't take health damage prior to death, and in testing a Julianna with Havoc on is completely immune to it, which suggests it wasn't doing health damage to drain her power. Maybe it's coded to check for health damage vulnerability? I ain't no programs-y man. All I know is "ignore havoc, kill visionary by booting them twice and executing"

I'm getting off topic. The HALPS is a damn load of fun to use, and you can very likely get away with some fun, silly stuff using its camera/turret charge options. The only drawbacks are reloading, which you have to plan for with batteries, and that it's what you see on the tin - no trinkets, so you can't really mix up how it feels and acts. But it is a beast and make no mistake about that.