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Part 19: Episode 15 - Asshole Island

Episode 15!

A shorter one today, but dense - we're putting a lot of pieces in place to get a move on towards our ending, and giving the Verso pistols their first honest try. They will be getting another honest try on Tuesday when we go do the complex; I expect a lot of shenanigans from that one as we haven't been to the Complex in the a.m. and we have much to see while we're there. Also, in this video I make past me look like a whining, wimpy baby man; I promise the collector is a scary fight if you're not kitted just right!

- Aesthetics are Key. This one puts our last couple pieces in place, as far as I can tell; Wenjie's (Wenjies'?) office must have something that lets us know how to kill her outside of the afternoon time slot, and we need it to get murderous efficiently enough.


The Strelak Verso, like its manufacturer cousin the Strelak 50-50, both fires two rounds with every trigger pull and is mechanically baffling at every level. But also like its cousin, it is cool as hell. Extra ammo, dual wield buff trinkets, and sometimes adding havoc and these little guys do enough damage to everyone in visible range they should probably be tried at The Hague. I don't believe they're the only possible fun option for dual wielding, but they fixed all of the little comfort/control issues I personally had with doing so.

Just a quick couple notes! First, I finally figured out audio ducking in this video, it only took more than half the LP. In my limited defense I haven't done video editing in any meaningful context in over 15 years but do know I'm working behind the scenes to always tidy things up and make the vids more watchable!

Second, while I can try to get some videos scheduled/backlogged in advance, I will be out of town getting lost in some mountains on 4/22 and 4/25. At worst, this means a week off; at best this means a short text update with a video link that I come back and update once I'm back home at my rig. I like keeping to a schedule, but I do also like vacation! I don't really get those as they are not included by default in the American Dream Experience© so I jump on it when I can. Thanks for your understanding!