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Part 25: Episode 20 - Too bad, Doc.

Episode 20!

A quick look at the Wake-Up Challenge and the accompanying lesson on game design from Charlie, and then we get into Wenjie's lab to find out just how aware she is that she's going to blow up the galaxy if we don't break this loop. That sounds like the kind of thing we should really put a stop to.

- Bad Luck Mary's Lucky Day
- Theme: Audio Overdrive
- Attention All Wenjies
- Possible Side Effects
- Notes on Updaam's Cliffside Facility

So, we're gonna loop around and hit Condition Detachment one more time, it looks like - the pieces in place, so we're likely only a few videos out from that ending! I do want to ask, are there any weapons or powers you'd like to see getting more screen time while we still can? I am trying to give everything a fair shake, but obviously I play favorites. Fortunately there's a whole crapton of fun options, so lemme know!