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Part 3: Episode 3 - Man About Island

Episode 3!

Our objective in Fristad Rock is just a skip away. What say we have a look around a little bit while we're here, soak in the tunes, and beat up some Eternalists?



Weapons (so far)!

Of note, there are four ammo types that are shared across various guns - Small Caliber, Large Caliber, Shells, and Nails.


Our melee option. Good damage, fast swing, no block. Satisfying to use with the speed of the game, appropriately messy.


The Light Infantry Machine Pistol/LIMP
-Small Caliber Ammo
-Feels pretty solid, though I imagine dual-wielding will chew through ammo if you're not careful.

The Tribunàl
-Small Caliber Ammo
-I will continue to pronounce this weapon's name as though the grave isn't just sitting over the a there, staring at me. Unremarkable, but it's a spiffy-looking plinking gun; does what it's supposed to.

The Fourpounder
-Large Caliber Ammo
-Supposed to be evocative of 'the revolver of the game' I suppose; it's meaty and sends folks flying. It's internally magazine-fed and has a hinged slide that looks a bit luger-like, though. Feels better on hip-shot to me but that is almost assuredly personal preference.

The PT-6 'Spiker'
-Charged shot/semi-auto
-Completely silent, great for stealth kills. Hold fire to charge up a shot, release to let a nail flyin'. Doesn't seem to have nail drop but does appear to have projectile time rather than hitscan? Further testing required. Using it in a crowded fight feels like crying while wearing makeup: everyone is looking at you and that just makes it worse


Vopat Trencher
-Shotgun shells
-A slow-firing, aim-forgiving, room-clearing shotgun. If you're close enough to say hello to someone you're close enough to kill them by waving this in their general direction. Reloads one shell at a time, which can get me in a bit of a pickle!

Strelak 50-50
-Shotgun shells
-Semi/Full Auto
-Kills folks in one shot like a shotgun oughta. Drawbacks include the headache of me, neither a gun nut nor an engineer, trying to imagine how it feeds and fires both barrels. Must be hell on the ammo count if you really go for it.


MG-1 'Pepper Mill'
-Small Caliber Ammo
-Full Auto
-Chunky damage, it feels like, compared to our other small-caliber guns. As I mentioned I have some trepidation about this one just with how damn fast it goes through my pockets; some trinkets would likely help that out a lot though.

-Large Caliber Ammo
-A long-distance, accurate, single-shooting Eternalist eraser. Sounds like a cannon and hits like one too. Like any proud parent from the American Midwest, I am allowed to have a favorite child.