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Part 12: Bonus 2 - Intelligence Archives

Bonus Video!

Let's break into those Intelligence Archives! Of note a couple audio logs and documents were omitted from Starbird's nest just to keep the video moving, but got damn this is a treasure trove of valuable information here.

- Lucky Numbers
- Game Theories
- Into The Wolf's Den
- Puppy's Playthings
- The Fuck is This?
- Dossier: The Captain
- That Jingle Jangle
- Cold Cuts
- Gasbag Access
- Stage Management
- Costal Disposal
- Bristlebrush's Blueprints

Important is the Dossier for establishing a timeline - Colt was born in 1911, went missing in 1938, was institutionalized in approximately 1953, brought out of care in 1958. Notes give approximate times that he was MIA, "Over fifteen years", and the Dossier confirms him to be over 50, so there's an uncertain amount of time between being pulled out of institution and the spies establishing reconnaissance, though it's at least post 1961. Beetlequeen had also mentioned attempting to seduce Colt (Badger) as a part of her betrayal. Intrigue!