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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 27

We gonna stomp some darkness.

Oh no! It's almost as if Cecilia was working for the royal family, like EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS GAME.

Please don't laser me I'll be good

She has no reason not to trust her, but that doesn't stop the queen. Stupidity runs rampant in Alendar.

Aw, come on! I don't want to go back to the ruins. It smells there.

Irony is nifty.

Ok! So! For this playthrough, I'm using a save that finished all four endings. This means I have all the bonus TRAPs, plus a couple hundred dreak. I did this so that I can spend the next few chapters showing off new TRAPs and combos. I'll eventually show off all the bonus TRAPs, but for this chapter I only used the banana peel and teleporter. The peel makes a victim slip and fall in true slapstick fashion, while the teleporter will take Reina to wherever you placed it on the map. Very useful for luring people into a tight spot. Hell Emblem TRAPs can cost at least 60,000 dreak if you want something with four orbs, so I blew all my cash on the following three TRAPs:

It's like an open-faced blender.

That's right, I've got a motherfuckin' LASERBEAM FROM HELL!

And the perennial favorite, a boot to the head.

I'm pretty sure I killed most of these guys last time I visited this place.

Cervantes returns, as a soul-sucking zombie with a craving for his lost sword.

Waaaaaaay too many people in this game have daddy issues.

Have I mentioned how much I hate these guys? 'Cause I do. I hate them. A lot.

Without further ado, let's get to killin' these folks. here or here.

We've seen this happen a million times by now.

I, uh... I guess I was supposed to interrogate them. Whoops.

Poor timing on this screenshot, but you can see the darkness being stomped, as foretold by the chapter title.

That is such a nifty little blender.

He slipped and cracked his skull on the staircase.

Go into the lava! You know you want to! It's so pretty and warm and it has the wonderful sulfur smell to it.

Atta boy!

People who want to live?

"Well, a few of them might have but they were cut off by all the blood choking them."

Aren't you the dainty one?

Oh no he's gonna rape Reina. This was a bad idea and I shouldn't have gone through with it and now she's going to suffer and it's all my fault.

As opposed to the other king, who gave her a noogie and ran into his treehouse.

"Mine now!"

"Give iiit!"

"Make me!"

Now go to your room.

Oh, in that ca-what?!

How the hell has this guy not been assassinated, or run the country into the ground by now?

On top of everything else, Reina has to do housework.

Man, things can only get worse. How much worse? Find out next time!